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“How do you repattern the world? You build unlikely relational networks so the answers to that question emerge. You embrace being uncomfortable, it will pass. And you remain hopeful, we can do this, we’ve done this and will keep doing this for all time.”

Steph Beck, IMAGI-NATION{University} Vice-Chancellor

To shift the way the world works, we have to shift what we measure, where we value intelligence from, and how we map the impact. After 20 years of patterning networks between those inside and outside the margins, we know that the $ doesn’t value relations, it doesn’t measure joy, or kindness, it is driven by a system that encourages secrets to be kept, not knowledge shared openly by mentors.

We have inherited networks that by intention excluded nature and most human beings. Now, outside the margins, with those people whose systems have been previously devalued we are learning and understanding that Indigenous knowledge systems processes as one example showcase a much healthier relational economic roadmap for us as species, with intelligence labs lasting beyond 60,000 years, this model of societal mapping is the way forward, the intelligence from outside the margins, must be mapped to the centre of our design frame. And mapped asap if we are a chance to save human life on earth and reclaim our natural role as a custodial species. 

Welcome to the IMAGI-NATION{Fellowship}. Your chance as joining an imagination lab to solve the challenges of our time.

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Patterns thinking! Patterns thinking! Choo Choo!

Re-patterning your thinking is an uncomfortable practice and I believe being uncomfortable is an indicator that something different will happen. We know we can’t solve the problems of today with the same level of thinking that got us here so we need some different types of thinking and that happens when you re-pattern your behaviours.…

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