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for the largest, cross-pollinated, focused talent pool fusing intelligence from outside and inside the margins, and creating a jobs portal like nothing else on EARTH – focused, generative, limited, a club that’s intentionally inclusive, that doesn’t ask for $$ to pay for ads, but asks Universities, Schools, Organisations and Citizens to work to earn their reputational credit. To work on their own change to shape the system change.

The kids outside the margins aren’t the problem to be fixed, they are the solution when given the stage. In IMAGI-NATION 1M marginalised youth will be in the centre, driving projects to revive our custodial ways with nature. From this base of deep intelligence, they will enter the relations with other people, as valuable, intelligent beings, as systems designers. We are not sick, the network is, and we don’t fix that by buying our way out with advertising. We shift it by shifting our collective energy and effort allowing us to move all of the pathways of our relations and be nudged, moved and shaped.

We are the network. We are the economists, our attention and intention shapes value and this includes shaping our mindsets to take an imagination, mentor, systems change, unlikely connections, and relational mindset. IMAGI-NATION Passports can’t be bought, they can’t be gamed, they must be earned, through relations. This hub will be one of the most significant, generative talent and intelligence hubs EARTH has seen. And for the 10 years of existence, the job of those inside IMAGI-NATION is not to sit in the ivory tower, but to take our time in IMAGI-NATION to enhance and unleash the potential of all life on EARTH.