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Ideal post time - Monday 1st October around 1pm West Coast US time.
And here's the copy for the post: NewsFlash Australia charters plane for 200 US college students to change the world. Defiant mentoring movement releases revolutionary wave across US. 20,000 marginalised kids set to receive mentoring overnight 👇🏽💖✈️🧙🏽‍ @aimementoring #thehoodedscholar #ifnotyouthenwho #planeplaneplaneplane

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If not you, then who?

Your Chance

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Here are some useful campaign links

PDF Media Release

Hooded Scholar Application

This is the application link for college students

Seat on the Plane

This is the link to Nominate yourself or someone else from your org to fly to Australia

US Homepage

This is the US specific homepage.

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