Knowledge Visas

The knowledge VISA allows access to the knowledge texts and tools being developed inside IMAGI-NATION, updates to making of processes and experiences, and allows VISA holders the chance to connect and engage with the Knowledge Tree and engage in River Runs and other learning experiences to unlock experiences and opportunities over time.

Knowledge VISA holders also don’t have to enter IMAGI-NATION – we’ll bring the knowledge to your in box in the shape of tools.

This VISA type allows you to make space for yourself again, to remember that film and TV and books and radio are not at their strongest when they addict us or distract us, but when they are deep deep knowledge texts that give give to us and expect nothing in return.

We are not asking for a $ subscription in this VISA type, we are not another streamer, we are a river, a stream that is flowing to you, and then through you and onwards, we don’t own the notes, we are passing them on, so we are simply asking as part of your application, what will you do with this knowledge? How will you work with it? How will you give give it so the river keeps running?

Knowledge VISAs will open in the 12 months, you can put down your expression of interest here and join the waiting list to be the first in line when the Knowledge VISAs open.

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