Get to knowAIME

An intro to AIME

The purpose of these resources is to provide a space for you to get to know AIME and understanding how it works. The nature of AIME as an organisation is it’s alive, like the kids and university students we work with and the world we inhabit, we move with the times, we adapt and evolve constantly. Can you keep up?

What’s the end game?

Our vision is to bring rebellious mentoring to every campus in the world and see every university student across the earth mentoring high school kids who are being left behind.

We’d love to do ourselves out of a job and have inspired a generation to lead, provided the tools, then be able to declare that the problem we set out to solve is solved, for example we want to see Indigenous educational inequality ended. We believe every non profit should have an exit strategy and should be trying to finish what they’ve started.


This short film is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and tells the story of a world built on a mechanised system that favours only some. We created it in the hope it would inspire others to join us in changing the way the world works. It’s since won a Webby award and been viewed 20 million times across a number of channels.

Okay, how does it work?

We build a World Of Mentoring, a bridge between university and high school which mentors kids from Age 12-18 and features:

  1. Free academic tutoring: between 20-30 sessions a year
  2. 45 one-hour AIME Theatre of Education sessions @ the university campus
  3. One-on-one career transition support for the Year 12 kids

As a headline. This is not a one-on-one mentoring model. The program is guided by a curriculum and all of our workshops happen on both the university and high school campuses with groups of university students and high school kids together, with a lead AIME mentor helping facilitate the delivery of the content.

The program is structured, has a start and end point, as we believe our role is to be mentors and not saviours. That the ultimate success is the kids not wanting to be in the program any more because they are stronger without us. There is no contact outside of our programmed workshops.

Check out the videos below explaining the different elements we’ve developed to the model.

The Program Model


What's a Program Day?

An explanation of what a Program Day is and how they work.


Day in the Life: Program Day

A look inside how an AIME Program Day actually looks at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia.


What's a Tutor Squad?

An explanation of what a Tutor Squad is and how they work.


Day in the Life: Tutor Squads

A look inside an actual AIME tutor squad at St Scholastica's College in Glebe, New South Wales, Australia.

What are some of the headlines on AIME?

Started in 2005 with 25 kids and from 2005 to 2018. AIME has gone from:

  • 25 kids (mentees) > 10,000 kids
  • One country > Three countries (on the way to 4)
  • 965 uni student mentors > 3000 uni student mentors

Headlines on the Founder and CEO

  • Founded AIME as a 19 year old uni student starting with 25 kids, in the third year of his degree.
  • CEO @ 22
  • Young Australian of the Year award recipient
  • Youngest person in Aus history to receive Hon Doctorate
  • AIME BRW 12th Best Place to Work in Asia
  • Got a book called The Mentor of which the proceeds raised fund our work globally

What are the Plans for the next 3 years?

  • 20,000 Indigenous kids in Aus
  • 20,000 kids in the US in 2020
  • 100,000 kids worldwide by 2021
Australian Story

30-minute life story piece about AIME's founder Jack Manning Bancroft from 2012.

How are we going to do that?

In a simple sentence, we are looking to take the model back to where it started with our founder, a volunteer model led by university students to mentor high school kids. And as an organisation we are working round the clock to make the tools that will simplify the process for the university across the globe running AIME.

To provide the training to take on the AIME for the US, Pacific, India, Africa,, we're chartering a plane to Sydney in Feb each year to target up to 20,000 disadvantaged kids in one go. On the 2019 plane, 200 uni students from different US campuses and coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, will be flown alongside world class leaders, storytellers and performers, to be trained and inspired at the world's first ever Festival of Mentoring. On return each of them will launch AIME in their campuses and aim to mobilise 100 mentors to work with 100 disadvantaged school kids.

Welcome to AIME

If you were to watch one vid to get a quick sense of the AIME vibe this would be it. It tells the AIME story alongside that of the oldest continuing surviving culture, Indigenous Australians, from which AIME has its roots.

Extra Vids


Working with schools


How do you Get the Mentees in the AIME Game?


How do you actually "Make Magic" @ AIME?


How do you recruit the mentors?


Building a Dream Team at AIME


The AIME Anthem 2017

Every year at AIME, a group of students from around the country travel to Sydney to write the AIME anthem.


Sunrise to Sunset

On July 7 2017, from Sunrise to Sunset, we lit up the nation with letters of kindness as Hoodie Day delivered the love to everyday Australians.

More Resources


The Backdrop to AIME

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the two Indigenous groups in Australia, were invaded by the British in 1788.


The Mentor

The Mentor. by AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft is the story of how it all started. Gain a real insight into contemporary Indigenous Australia.


Mentoring: The key to a fairer world

This is AIME's story. It is a passionate account of what can be achieved through bravery, imagination, daring, hard work and a belief that change is possible if we work together, if we dream big and if we don't take 'no' for an answer.


Letter to Universities

It’s not every day that an idea that can change the world comes across your desk.


No shame at AIME

Shame is a ‘slippery’ concept in educational contexts but by listening to Aboriginal philosophy and Country, we can rethink its slipperiness.


AIME Mentoring - A Solution for Educational Inequality

This White Paper explores issues of educational inequality in the U.S. and presents an evidence-based case for AIME.