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A joyous welcome to you all!

Maybe you landed on this page after seeing the AIME Co-CEO’s panel at Human Kind, maybe someone directed you here after a conversation or maybe (our favourite) you were on a magical journey through the website and you wondered…what is JOY Corp?

Well strap yourself in and if you do one thing today, make it signing up your organisation to one day become a JOY Corp.

To shift the way the world works, we have to shift what we measure, where we value intelligence from, and how we map the impact. Relational-based economics, built on the intelligence of long patterns of human life, where we give give into networks, and receive receive, where we build our network patterns where everything is interlinked, where nature is centred in its source of intelligence as the birth of us and the place where we as a species will most likely end up returning to with 6 billion years of life left on this rock. With this context we must ask, does the $ on the financial ledger, the debt mindset of life, the reductive individual empire building of organisations, serve a life of abundance for human beings in relation to each other and the 7 million other species we share earth with? 

After 20 years of patterning networks between those inside and outside the margins, we know that the $ doesn’t value relations, it doesn’t measure joy, or kindness, it is driven by a system that encourages secrets to be kept, not knowledge shared openly by mentors, it doesn’t look at death as a natural phenomenon of systemic health and regeneration, it encourages competition not peace, it forces us to hide in our camps and affirm our biases politically dividing and conquering with a fear of the other which affirms what we know, and who we know, decreasing our greatest process of intelligence – imagination, instead of building rich regenerative networks via unlikely connections with other human beings, other knowledge, other species, and in doing so activating a networked regenerative imaginative intelligence. 

We as a species are not sick, the networks are. We have inherited networks that by intention excluded nature and most human beings. Now, outside the margins, with those people whose systems have been previously devalued we are learning and understanding that Indigenous knowledge systems processes as one example showcase a much healthier relational economic roadmap for us as species, with intelligence labs lasting beyond 60,000 years, this model of societal mapping is the way forward, the intelligence from outside the margins, must be mapped to the centre of our design frame. And mapped asap if we are a chance to save human life on earth and reclaim our natural role as a custodial species. 

Welcome to the chance to work towards being a part of the network regeneration by working towards being accredited as a JOY Corp. 

The following are the seven systemic levers that JOY Corps get to design with to activate health in the network.

  1. Mentors as the ultimate citizens mapping a network for all with knowledge shared not knowledge kept
  2. Intelligence from outside the margins centred with unlikely connections
  3. Kindness as our stimulus for relational health
  4. Nature as our source of intelligence for planetary health
  5. Joy as the impact measurement for relational wealth
  6. Peace as the pathway for relational progress to unfold
  7. Regeneration / Intentional death for the long future health of the network – all in relation

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