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You advise one of if not the wealthiest network of people in the world. You and many of your clients know deeply that we have to find a move to a different investment model and that nature centred work could be the pathway. You also know how we haven’t yet cracked the engineering bridge between today’s models of investment and tomorrows. To be explicit from the models of investment that are not as deeply mapped in relation to nature to those that are not only sustaible but can unlock richness for us and all other species on this rock. You want to be this custodian because you know that if we do all this work in IMAGI-NATION and the money doesn’t move, then we didn’t really change anything. You hold the keys to the city, and this could be one of the largest legacies you could leave for human kind, so you are here to learn, to go deep, to be the first on the scene, and then when the solutions emerge to be able to advise your clients how we can move.