IMAGI-NATION Labs (Schools)

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You lead a network of schools school that has got so much talent, yet the talent isn’t recognised in your local curriculum or measurment system. The schools in the network you lead might have a huge local Indigenous population, or a combination of Indigenous young people from all over the world who have migrated to the schools in your network . Perhaps you’re in a network of a remote or rural shools who are seeing the economic challenges are worsening in the face of automation, climate change, food challenges, and you are looking for practical hope and relevance now. This custodianship role will activate 1000 schools over the course of the IMAGI-NATION lifecycle to become Imagination Labs and be able to trade inside IMAGI-NATION and across planet earth as real time systems change, consulting and design labs that take on the challenges we face as a species and find and weave the solutions in real time.