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We know and you know that artists operate in the space between now and then, between who and what, between why and where, that artists can sense and feel the essence of tomorrow, and translate for usall to see the paths. We are looking for 5 artist custodians to help us not go crazy as we hold the notes for tomorrow for usall. To help us shape and paint and think and weave and move people, to find the path forward, and to know we are not alone in sitting between the imagined and the real. You’ve spent a lifetime as an artist, your are an open channel and a deep thinker, and if this is you, this work we are doing sings to you deeply. The custodian artists will help IMAGI-NATION open up the art world – if this role is for you you’ll have the chance to be able to bring the world of art makers together, and we are looking for people that aren’t protective of “their” networks, but give give to open up the networth for usall.