Mentor Leader

Location TBA / Casual
Applications Close: May 31 - 5:00pm AEST

Expressions of interest are open for this casual position. If the position opens up at your selected Uni we will consider your application.

If you want this choice position have a quirky disposition, be fun, laugh loud, stand tall and proud. You must be kind, you must be witty, play games get silly. Take on challenges, push till you bust, no shame is a must.

If you can connect with kids and play with big ideas, then bring your energy and desire, work with AIME and spark a fire.

In this role you will grow, push the boundaries of what you know, make sure that all the peeps are having fun and chasing dreams. It will be your job to show that AIME is a place for all to go. If you want to be successful then show us what makes you special, what separates you from the pack and tell us why you wanna give back. Let us how you have fun with kids and why you are the mentor we need.

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