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Content Starts IMAGI-NATION{Factory}

Welcome to the IMAGI-NATION{Factory} 

A research lab for humanity to network with unlikely connections & activate imagination to solve the challenges of our time.

The IMAGI-NATION Project is a 10 year research project led by AIME, a global relational network founded in 2005, focused on creating a fairer, healthier, more joyful, happier world. AIME drives the undercurrent and backbone of the Factory, bringing together unlikely connections using imagination to work on projects to solve systemic challenges.

There are two ways to engage with the factory:

  1. Volunteer – create a Hoodie for someone to change the world & have an imaginative explorative journey over the course of a 3 hour experience. Open for schools, organisations, families, individuals
  1. Fellowships – become one of the 600 IMAGI-NATION Fellows over the next 10 years