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IMAGI-NATION {TV} At The LearningPlanet Festival 2023

Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change. We want to see imagination in action to transform education, and we’re inviting you to be part of the change. Join this series of Imagination TV sessions hosted specially for the LearningPlanet Festival, to hear from communities around the world using imagination to…

Write the first IMAGI-ZINE

Are you in Year 12?Do you love writing?Thinking it could be your career?This one is for you… This is your chance to write the first IMAGI-ZINE with AIME.The opportunity is open for all Year 12 students with applications open until the end of the school year.The AIME IMAGI-ZINE is focused on deep storytelling over ‘content’.…

Launch of The Adventures Of Hilbert Oodie. H.oodie

Inspired by the AIME Kindness Hoodie, Ntaate Laurean & the Tribe Uganda team went ahead to imagine a universe of Hoodies that relate to the daily life we live. The Adventures of Hilbert Oodie looks at telling a story of a marginalized individual that is eventually celebrated and accepted by society. Each month we will…

Launch of The Imagination Project

The imagination project is a 10 year project, hosted by AIME and #LearningPlanet, bringing together circles of educators and changemakers to centre imagination in the global education journey. It’s an emergent research project led by practitioners and experts in the field.  Quarterly, members of the imagination project engage in a circle hosted by AIME’s IMAGI-NATION…

IMAGI-NATION{Labs} Launch 2022

From Australia to the US to Mexico to The Philippines Come spend some time with: Caleb – a high school student from the Philippines who wants to be a part of something to help the world be a better place. Alejandra – who has been passionate about and practicing rhythmic gymnastics since she was 6 years old and dreams…

Hoodie Day 2022 Annoucement

Hi….I’m a Hoodie…and since 2010 I’ve been building a fairer world.How? Well my friend Dr Equality defined equality once as the share of knowledge, wealth, power, voice, and agency…….heaps of our exchange our economy that moves our connections and relations is centred around a $, what I’ve been trying to do is be like a…


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Welcome to the IMAGINATION Faculty

Prof Hope is in the Imagination Faculty alongside Prof Song and Prof Dream,.

Prof Dream has gathered with Professor Galactic driven in partnership with Learning Planet to look at 1001 Dreams.

There is a team of partners – UNCx5 that are driving through imagination projects. Centre for Science and Imagination, Learning Planet to name a couple. They are looking to crack the map between dreaming, imagination and relational economies.

Then there are the AIME Fellowship Members – the full-time crew working on a project to enhance the body of work around Imagination.

Then broadly in the network there are Schools applying to be accredited as IMAGINATION Schools by Prof Hope and IMAGI-NATION/Uni.

1Million IMAGI-NATION Presidents will be working on their imaginative projects to create a fairer, happier, healthier, kinder more joyful world.

And finally are all the citizens of IMAGI-NATION contributing to co-created projects like:

The Imagination Playlist – curated by Professor Song.

The Imagination Library – looked after by Professor Dream. Imagination Films – curated by Bobo.

Our eyes then turn to the next faculty with Prof Asterix and co.

IMAGI-ZINE is also under development with a crew of Fellows led by Fellow Irmin helping bring to life a free Imagination magazine for schools worldwide, Learning Planet are in the game with this.

Prof Hope is cooking up big Stories with STORY being created with a suite of Fellows including Yolande, Vanessa, Leia and Jake.

Night in IMAGI-NATION is just over the horizon.