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Imagination Circle Session May : In Defense of a Place Called School

6. Imagination Circle spotlight: In Defense of a Place Called School In March 2020, when schools had closed in most countries and people everywhere were searching for new ways to live, learn and work together in a world locked down by a global pandemic,Morna McNultystarted asking her students to reimagine school. Morna is an arts…

Teacher Appreciation Week – 10,000 Imagination Classrooms

Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner, and it’s a chance to show our gratitude for our educators’ kind work and dedication. These individuals play a role in sparking creativity in the minds and characters of the next generation, and it’s fantastic to celebrate their efforts. Our society’s innovation comes from the imagination sparks…

Case Study: AIME Becomes the First JOY Corps Enacting the 7 Levers

AIME has pioneered youth mentoring and is recognized for its innovative approach to mentoring. Now, a systems change lab AIME operates in 52 countries. Challenge: In 2020, AIME faced the challenge of aligning its global organizational values with the emerging challenges due to the global pandemic. As AIME adapted, the origins of the JOY Corps…

10 Questions to Prompt Creating an Imagination Classroom Outdoors

We invite you to participate in an imagination classroom development exercise as part of the global 10K classroom project powered by AIME. We believe that imagination classrooms can take on many forms, and we want to hear from people in every country on what they envision as an imagination classroom. We encourage you to think…


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Welcome to the IMAGINATION Faculty

Prof Hope is in the Imagination Faculty alongside Prof Song and Prof Dream,.

Prof Dream has gathered with Professor Galactic driven in partnership with Learning Planet to look at 1001 Dreams.

There is a team of partners – UNCx5 that are driving through imagination projects. Centre for Science and Imagination, Learning Planet to name a couple. They are looking to crack the map between dreaming, imagination and relational economies.

Then there are the AIME Fellowship Members – the full-time crew working on a project to enhance the body of work around Imagination.

Then broadly in the network there are Schools applying to be accredited as IMAGINATION Schools by Prof Hope and IMAGI-NATION/Uni.

1Million IMAGI-NATION Presidents will be working on their imaginative projects to create a fairer, happier, healthier, kinder more joyful world.

And finally are all the citizens of IMAGI-NATION contributing to co-created projects like:

The Imagination Playlist – curated by Professor Song.

The Imagination Library – looked after by Professor Dream. Imagination Films – curated by Bobo.

Our eyes then turn to the next faculty with Prof Asterix and co.

IMAGI-ZINE is also under development with a crew of Fellows led by Fellow Irmin helping bring to life a free Imagination magazine for schools worldwide, Learning Planet are in the game with this.

Prof Hope is cooking up big Stories with STORY being created with a suite of Fellows including Yolande, Vanessa, Leia and Jake.

Night in IMAGI-NATION is just over the horizon.