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Welcome to AIME

A place network driven by the pursuit of knowledge to unlock the keys we need to create a healthier, kinder, fairer, more joyful world.

Our playground is centred around IMAGI-NATION{University}.

The Uni is a lab for us all to solve the challenges of our time, and to pass on the knowledge by openly sharing the process of how we solved it.

We won’t wrap it up in a bow and claim all the awards. You’ll see real time open, transparent, knowledge transfer, it’s jazz, we make a note, we send it out into the universe, ya’ll in the universe build on the note. None of us own the notes, we just lucky enough to hold them for a while before we pass them on.

Our {University} is centred around 5 Faculties of the Mind, 5 Mindset areas.

We are led by The Professors.

They are here to remind us not to be focused on our division as a species, they activate our imagination – our key human asset, and allow us to see ourselves with the biggest view, 8 billion people and 7 million species, 20 billion animals on one blue rock, in a universe that we only know 4% of what we can potentially know.

Throughout this site you’ll see our 5 Faculty Professors, and a suite of Fellows at work diving into Systems Change Projects with the desperate pursuit to crack the code to create a tool we can leave behind, that can be passed on in a mentoring way, openly, freely, knowledge shared, not kept.

We have 10 years left as an entity. From March 2023 we set the clock on an intentional death date, with the objective to have our organisation move towards relational health for the system, to shift systems, and leave behind tools, and case studies, that can see the change and health of our life on earth continue to grow for all our species, now, and well into the future.

Welcome to AIME.

Enjoy your time roaming around IMAGI-NATION{University} there’s plenty of spaces to play in this knowledge/\/\action\/\action\/\knowledge playground.

Clocks ticking.



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Let’s get to work…

The AIME Team