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Welcome to AIME.

An imagination lab to solve the challenges of our time.

for humanity, driven by creating a meeting place for 5 of the key groups on earth that shape the way the world moves to; 1) our organisations; 2) our higher educational institutes; 3) our schools; 4) our citizens; and 5) up until this point, our systemically marginalised youth whose systems design intelligence is what we are missing as a species.

IMAGI-NATION will only have 1.4 Million citizens, including the following 5 groups:

  • 1 Million Presidents of IMAGI-NATION will rise from the world's marginalised youth. The IMAGI-NATION Presidents will all be working on projects to return humanity to our custodial relations with NATURE.
  • 1000 Higher Educational Institutes will work towards becoming Mentoring Universities, to be networked beyond the University gates, to the most marginalised school students, and to focus on knowledge shared not knowledge kept as a philosophy.
  • 1000 Organisations will work towards becoming JOY Corps by shaping themselves inside and out from the boardroom to the front door, to being more in relation to nature, to kindness, to Joy.
  • 1000 Schools will unleash their potential by re-invigorating imagination throughout the school's DNA and becoming Imagination classrooms, activating and unleashing the intelligence of our young people into the system right now.
  • 1000 citizens will be shaped as systems change organisers with the capacity to see the full map at large, and work with the enormity of this blue moving dot we call home, amongst the universe.

for the largest, cross-pollinated, focused talent pool fusing intelligence from outside and inside the margins, and creating a jobs portal like nothing else on EARTH - focused, generative, limited, a club that's intentionally inclusive, that doesn't ask for $$ to pay for ads, but asks Universities, Schools, Organisations and Citizens to work to earn their reputational credit. To work on their own change to shape the system change.

The kids outside the margins aren't the problem to be fixed, they are the solution when given the stage. In IMAGI-NATION 1M marginalised youth will be in the centre, driving projects to re-vive our custodial ways with nature. From this base of deep intelligence, they will enter the relations with other people, as valuable, intelligent beings, as systems designers. We are not sick, the network is, and we don't fix that by buying our way out with advertising. We shift it by shifting our collective energy and effort allowing us to move all of the pathways of our relations and be nudged, moved and shaped.

We are the network. We are the economists, our attention and intention shapes value and this includes shaping our mindsets to take an imagination, mentor, systems change, unlikely connections, and relational mindset. IMAGI-NATION Passports can't be bought, they can't be gamed, they must be earned, through relations. This hub will be one of the most significant, generative talent and intelligence hubs EARTH has seen. And for the 10 years of existence, the job of those inside IMAGI-NATION is not to sit in the ivory tower, but to take our time in IMAGI-NATION to enhance and unleash the potential of all life on EARTH.

IMAGI-NATON's border is Earth, and we see our role as planetary, in fact as galactic. We are energy currents in the whole universe, and we don't see nation borders, we don't see racial borders, we see 8 million other species on the rock we call home, we see 20 billion billion other animals, and we see a universe of which we only know 4% of what we might know. Our work in IMAGI-NATION must be transferred into KNOWLEDGE openly shared, which in its ideal format is shaped into TOOLS, which when activated in their deepest, richest forms, are STORY, deep long story.

We tell STORY through TOOLS to help humanity be CONTENT. We don't shape CONTENT to make humanity feel insecure, hopeless, lost, isolated and want to buy our freedom. We remind humanity through STORY and TOOLS that our freedom is always here, in our imagination, in our ability for original thought.

After our 10 years as IMAGI-NATION, we will gift all of the IP from the network and from AIME back to NATURE, to restore modern songlines, to restore nature as our source of intelligence, to shift economies from preservation to intelligent relations with nature. The original IP holder is NATURE. We are NATURE's AI. Every idea, every one of us matters, and when our economies value this relation, we'll find our way.

is defined as the ambassadors of AIME's work. 20,000+ hoodies around the world moving the AIME mindsets and values, with four continents hosting AIME staff.

Five physical vehicles will travel around the world, heading out to Schools. We will create & leave behind 10,000 Imagination Classrooms over the next 10 years.

We will fuse the network between those inside and outside the margins by linking JOY Corps, Mentoring Universities and Citizens to the Schools.

The First Embassy is currently on the Road in Australia.

In Sydney, Australia, in the heart of the entertainment district is the AIME IMAGI-NATION Factory - the physical home for the laboratory of IMAGI-NATION's work. Its the home of IMAGI-NATION{University} and The Professors (AIME's Muppet Show/Sesame Street) TV Show is filmed at the IMAGI-NATION{Factory}. It's the lobby for the deeper fusion of systems projects arising in IMAGI-NATION and the physical soul of the network.

will be one of our key spaces to build a bridge between IMAGI-NATION & Planet Earth. Working with Festivals around the world, we will work to centre Kindness Economics. Through the introduction of Very Important Kind People, we will work on deep deep Story to then work with human beings when they have time away from the distraction platforms and devices, and space to reclaim deeper moments of thinking and movement. We already have the following Festival partners we have worked on this model with.

Of IMAGI-NATION to restore Earth's relational networks so we don't go over 1.5°C, to work out how to live with robots and keep investing in our imagination, to shape economies that are relational and can live with robots and automation, to bring people together across nation states, to stop the rot of democracy with the division created by modern network models that affirm what we know and who we know, to reclaim our attention and arrest our desperate spiral into forever distraction.

This value is so far beyond what we are looking for in terms of financial investment. We are looking at $10M a year over 10 years, secured upfront as $100M, so we can then say no to any further financial contributions to protect against network corruption and moving from the intentionality of the design. The main spend goes towards our staff, and the development of our story, which again is mainly an employment cost. Beyond this there is some investment in bringing our team together around the world to tell big STORIES, and to ensure our EMBASSIES are safe and can move to build the 10,000 Classrooms and beyond.

For life, IMAGI-NATION has set an intentional death date, 10 years from March 2023, to ensure we are working towards systemic health for the whole network of organisations and people around us at large. The clock has begun ticking. We have no hidden agenda. This is open source - all knowledge will be shared, all IP returned to Nature. This is an intentional 10-year sprint at a key time in human history which also means we can be accurate with the limitations of our needs. We don't want for more than 100M to make this real over the decade.

We desperately want to help humanity move our $$ towards nature, joy, kindness, and towards valuing relational economies, time, reclaiming processes, and finding the fusion between the efficiency and growth that has got us here, with the intelligence that's been around since we were birthed as a species.

In order to give IMAGI-NATION the greatest chance to create the most significant set of economic case studies, we are offering numerous playgrounds for financial capital to be deployed as part of the $100M. On the following pages, we have mapped the economic movement and shapes for investment, and below we have listed some of the arenas:

  • R&D for Humanity
    • Government Grants
    • Philanthropic Investors
    • Research Investment
  • Story:
    • Ownership investment model - $10-20M in total, $1-2M per year
    • Film and TV Grants and Production partnerships
  • Soul in Festivals
    • Government Kindness Economic R&D
    • Philanthropic Investors
  • Relational Economics
    • Exchanging Space, Time, Knowledge, Skills
  • Tokenomics
    • NFT - of The Professors - modern valuation of research and knowledge projects
    • Hoodie Economics
      • Inside IMAGI-NATION
        • Passports will be the Reputational Marker for achievements - the modern CV - which will then be the currency at The Meeting Place and Beyond IMAGI-NATION
        • Physical Hoodies & Digital Hoodies will be released by the Re-Serve Bank to stimulate economy in IMAGI-NATION
      • Outside IMAGI-NATION
        • Reputational Currency of Hoodie Economics could see IMAGI-NATION Citizens gain access to Festivals, to housing opportunities, to transport, to food.

There are enough playgrounds to see the $$ move in. We are really interested in how to group these $$ to create Economic language and case studies around the return on investment, which we'll share the frames FOR on the following page.

Within IMAGI-NATION for investors, there can be the following returns:

  • $ Returns - you can make money here - through investments in Story and our business venture partner who shapes our Story work; through our NFT work; through our relations with other business ventures that are for profit.
  • NATURE returns - The NATURE fund is the largest project at scale which promises NATURE and financial returns, within IMAGI-NATION we have building examples of our research becoming systems change projects, like our Seaweed Hoodie Project to reforest Sydney's Coastline. There is other R&D that has huge potential around IMAGI-NATION's IP Return to Nature and much more.
  • Reputational Returns - via JOY Corps, Presidents, Mentoring Univeristy's, Systems Change Citizens, Imagination Schools, Hoodies, Passports
  • Return on Relations - we believe investors will be more intelligent and mapped healthily by having time with IMAGI-NATION
  • Knowledge Return via R&D - amongst all of this there is no question IMAGI-NATION is Planet Earth's R&D Lab. We are here for us all. This a space for emergence to grow, to invest in the philosophy and relations, in the 20 years of work before it, and to know this is not merely charity $$
  • Tool Return - R&D without the Tools is knowledge on the shelf that no one uses. Tools without relevance have no utility value and are wasted investments. Our tools via imaginationa focus on big story. They have the potential and capacity to last and stand the test of time, like our models around the Co-CEO lever, or UNCx5 organisation patterns, Mentor Training or MentorClass, and at scale, our greatest gift is mindset tools and processes for thinking with mindsets of imagination, mentoring, relations, unlikely connections and systems change.

You can dig into over 80 pages of mapping related to the topics above. Go find a nice tree to sit under and dive into all the knowledge and intelligence,

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