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Content Starts Hello Imagination School Mentor!

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to help make a positive, lasting impact on our students’ lives. You have dedicated your time, energy, and experience to help guide and support them through their educational journey and we are incredibly grateful for that. The purpose is to provide enrichment to both AIME staff and to the children involved. A cohesive experience that is of mutual benefit to all. An enhancement to the education of all participants.

As mentors we have the privilege of providing our knowledge to these kids who will be participating and in return we can be inspired to think differently and unlock more of our own creative potential.

We hope that your 22 minute session created a great vibe and a buzz inside of you and you are ready to share the learnings and adventure with the world.

As you may already know what you are about to write is a reflective blog post that will form the basis of research we accumulate over the next 10 years of working with young people.

So, take the time to think deeply about what you have just participated in and know that your contribution is working towards knowledge that will live on forever and is free to use for all.

Just before you dive right in…if ya need a bit of an imagination boost have a browse through a few pages of Professor Hope’s Imagination cookbook to get your mind flowing.

Or is it the beginning?

Before you start your blog pause for a few moments to consider the opportunity for someone to read this in ten years’ time and use your knowledge to spark imagination in a child’s life. Let’s show, don’t tell and ensure your experience lands in a library that will live on forever…make this moment count.