What are Round 2 Applications?

We still have 7 spots available!

To fill these we are accepting enquiries directly from University partners. As a Golden Ticket Hopeful you still have time to convince your University to make an enquiry. Convince them to seriously consider funding the program. We will then work with them to secure funding at which time applications will be opened up for that university and you can start or continue your application.

We'll be looking to close round 2 applications around the end of February so don't delay!

Where is the step 2 application link? How do I submit the next part of my application?

You should have received an initial welcome email when you singed up. This email contains a personalised application link that is just for you :) 

  • Check your inbox. 
  • If you don't see it also check your Spam folder. 
  • If you can't see it search your inbox for AIME Global with the subject Welcome Golden Ticket hopeful!
  • If you still can't find it send us an enquiry

The emails we are sending over the last 6 days of the competition also contain your personalised application link so you can use that one too. 

Good luck! 

My university has already publicly committed to funding AIME. Does that change the application process?

No, not really. All it means is that one of the major items on your list has essentially been taken care of for you. While your university has committed funds they haven't committed them to you. You still have to win them over. If you are shortlisted and pass your interview you will be put to the university as a candidate but time is ticking. You still need to:

- Sign up a school and get them to commit to the program.

- Complete Step 2 of your application process which involves submitting a report, supporting documentation from you school and answering a number of questions.

For universities like yours that have already committed funds we will be asking some additional questions to give you the opportunity to stand out.

The link to Step 2 is at the bottom of your initial Welcome email, we suggest you check it out and get moving! 

What age group is the mentoring program for?

The AIME program has been developed for each year of secondary school or high school as we call it in Australia.  Starting in the first year of the program at age 11 or 12, students can participate in the program for 6 years. We also continue to provide guidance and support to students as they move from school into university, employment or training.

Who can apply for a Golden Ticket?

Anyone 18-30 years of age.  We are seeking a university student or graduate, but will consider applications from young people who think they have what it takes to change the world.

W​hen will I find out if I am one of the Golden Ticket Winners?

Applications officially closed Midnight (GMT) on July 31, 2017 but we have since opened a Round 2 as we still have 7 spots available. Once you submit your application our staff will begin a review. Throughout August we may be in touch to ask you questions to clarify details of your submission or if you appear to meet all our criteria you will be shortlisted for an interview and we will be in contact. Winners will be announced once we have processed all applications and have what we need. There is no fixed date at this time but we will be working quickly to move to the next step :)