Step One

Take the first step on your AIME journey

Application Criteria

To apply you should be aged 18-30 and have a belief that you can change the world, right NOW. We'd prefer a university student/graduate but we’re open to you throwing your hat in if you haven’t gone to uni but think you are the star that can pull this off. You should have Intergalactic Leadership Skills, Charisma, Humour and Unparalleled drive. A love of kids is going to be pretty critical too.

Understand that this is a 3-year commitment, but if you do it right, this could be your life. Approach this application like you would any life-changing decision. Because that's what this is!

Applications Close July 31, 2017

What’s the deal if I win a Golden Ticket?

For 3 years, you will join 9 other young people from across the world, in a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a program that has proven to end inequality, into your country to help unlock the magic of learning for a generation of kids who are being left behind.

The headline is this - at the end of the 3 years, if you have successfully delivered the program and achieved outstanding results, you have the chance to secure a licence and become the CEO of AIME in your country.

To get to that point you will need to start at the beginning by getting AIME running in your country, as Jack did in Australia. If you don't know it yet you’ll learn more of Jack's story soon, including how you’ll need to arrange your first university and school partners, just as he did.

Once you’ve got them on board, then you'll be really ready to play.

AIME has committed $70,000(AUS) of support each year, which will play out in the following way:

Australian Training Experiences: $15,000

CEO Mentoring & Support: $15,000

Content development: $15,000

Mentor Toolkit: $10,000

Systems & Licenses: $2,000

Shipping: $5,000

Staff support: $8,000

  • You’ll have the content, the tools, and the coaches and mentors to bring the program to life and make AIME magic happen.
  • You will be directly mentored by our founder and CEO over the course of the 3 years.
  • PLUS you’ll fly to Sydney each year of the 3-year experience

What's the application process?

Step 1: Commit below and MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING ONTO. This is no walk in the park! You've got to be sure you want this!

Step 2: Once you submit the form below you will receive a welcome email and a digital copy of Jack's book the Mentor. Your first task is to familiarise yourself with Jack’s story and get a solid understanding of what AIME is all about and how it works.

As you will learn from the book, a university will employ you initially, and just like Jack, your first challenge is to win them over and convince them to invest in you and the program for 3 years. You also have the challenge of signing on your first school.

While Jack started from scratch we are giving you a couple of resources:

  • A Uni Info Pack - This explains everything that's on offer and will be your ticket to convince your university to get on board
  • The AIME Classroom - Watch stories of those in the program for the last 12 years
  • 30 Minute Documentary - Jack's early story (made in 2012)
  • While you'll receive a digital copy of Jack's book once you make your initial commitment, you can purchase a hard copy here if you'd like to read it upfront.

Signing on a university and a school are the two criteria that will ultimately decide if you can progress to the point where you can submit your application and get a chance at being selected. AIME doesn’t work without action. It won’t work if you can’t convince people that the power of human connection and the impact that education has on lifting generations out of inequality, are two of the most important and valuable assets we should be investing in and fighting for.

To reiterate, AIME doesn’t work without action, so off the back of this you will have your first couple of challenges:

  • Identify a target group to rip out of inequality*
  • Arrange a university partner + financial commitment
  • Arrange a School partner

During this time you will also need to:

  • Create a strategy to mobilise university students
  • Establish a network of people that will come with you as supporters and mentors

* The AIME model globally is not specifically about Indigenous kids. It’s about using the two key economic levers of university and high school and building a bridge between the powerful and powerless.

Once you have the above covered you will need to submit a book report which is in fact your application. It should be no longer than 1500 words, answering the simple question: With 3 years of support from Jack and AIME, knowing what you know of his story, how would you bring AIME to life in your country?

Along with the book your welcome email will include instructions and next steps and a link to begin your application when you are ready.

The competition will be open from June 7 - July 31, 2017.

Think you've got what it takes? Lets go!

NEWS: Competition Updates

With great foresight and leadership the University of Pretoria in South Africa has become the first university to commit to funding the program. Yay! Checkout the link below to see how this changes the application process now that they are already on-board.

This helps us provide you with more relevant information
If your university doesn't appear in the list please skip this question.

Step Two

Yew! Great to see you're back!

The Next Step

If you've got to this point you've been working very hard! Congratulations! This is where the ball really gets rolling.

Once you submit your application our staff will begin a review. We may be in touch to ask you questions to clarify details of your submission or if you appear to meet all our criteria you will be shortlisted for an interview and we will be in contact.

Please review your submission before lodging it to make sure you have met all our expectations.

Remember applications close July 31, 2017

You should find this Application ID in your initial welcome email.
If your university doesn't appear in the list please skip this question.
Your report should be no longer than 1500 words, answering the simple question, with 3 years of support from Jack and AIME, knowing what you know of his story, how would you bring AIME to life in your country?
Please clearly describe your target group in 400 characters or less.
Please upload a supporting document you have from the university. i.e. A signed letter of support listing their financial commitment.
Please upload a supporting document you have from your school partner. i.e. A signed letter of support listing their commitment to take part in the program.
We are looking for a brief description of your strategy in 400 characters or less.
We are looking for a brief description of the mentors/supporters you have in 400 characters or less.