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Frequently asked questions


Where does AIME operate?

Currently we are running the program across five states and territories in Australia and also in Uganda and South Africa with more countries to follow soon. 

What does the acronym for AIME mean?

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) is the name that the program began with.  Now that we are delivering our program around the globe, we are known as AIME Mentoring.

What steps are in place for child protection?

AIME takes its responsibility for protecting children in the program, very seriously.  We have policies, procedures and processes in place to ensure we meet child protection requirements in every country where we work.  Our staff and mentors are required to have child protection clearance before they participate in any AIME program sessions where children are present and this is strictly adhered to at all times. Anyone without clearance cannot be part of AIME.

What are AIME’s registered business numbers?

Indigenous Corporation Number (ICN) - 7040

Australian Business Number (ABN) - 31 081 797 652

How much does it cost to be in the program?

It’s free for kids to participate in the program throughout their high school years.

How do students join the program?

Once a student’s school has become an AIME partner school, they will receive an application to complete.  This must be signed by a parent, care-giver or someone who has responsibility for the child. Applications are assessed by AIME staff, who then meet with each child to chat about their application.

To check out where AIME is based, the number of kids and mentors involved in the program check out our most recent Annual Report.

See our Annual Report.

When did AIME start?

In 2005 AIME delivered its first session with 25 kids from a small school in inner city Sydney, in Australia.

What does the word AIME Symbolise?

AIME symbolises a world-wide movement that uses mentoring to create education equality for marginalised high school kids.

Impact of AIME

Are program outcomes verified?

All of our attendance and progression data is audited by KPMG and the verified program outcomes are published each year to show our impact

How do you know the AIME Program is having a positive impact?

Independent research has identified a number of benefits for students who participate in our program, on top of increasing school attendance, participation and completion.  See our Impact page to read more about the findings from this research.

Do you measure AIME Program outcomes?

Every year we record session attendance and track progression through school, for every student in the program. We also track the paths our kids choose once they leave high school.

Partnering with AIME

How does a school or university become a partner?

The first step is to express your interest in becoming an AIME partner. One of our team will then be in touch to discuss this with you.

How can my organisation become an AIME partner?

Please contact us here and a team member will get back to you to arrange a time to meet and discuss a potential partnership with you.

Do you have in-kind partners?

A very large part of the support that AIME receives is in-kind and comes through donations of foods and services that assist us in our core activities and in the day-to-day operations of the business. If you would like to discuss in-kind support in more details, please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Where does my donation go?

88% of your donation will go directly towards delivery of the AIME program.  Because things don’t just happen and our team needs support to do what they do and be the best that they can be, 12% will go towards infrastructure costs including administration, finance management, human resources.  Every cent we spend, whether on staff or program materials is carefully considered and monitored to achieve the best possible outcomes for our kids.

Can I donate other things to AIME?

We are very happy to discuss any thoughts or ideas you may have on making an in-kind donation to AIME. Please contact us and one of the team will get back to you asap.

What investment opportunities are available?

We are looking to prove that globally we have a model to end inequality. We have three major investment opportunities:

  1. The first is our Theatre of Education, which we believe has the capacity to be the spine for mentoring organisations, schools and non-profits across the globe. In the same way that Khan Academy has provided a modern spine for the classroom. We can be the media channel for kids across the globe desperate for hope and a way forward out of poverty. We are exploring global partners that would be interested in backing an established, 13 year old model, and seeing if we can digitise and scale the magic that has helped rip one of the most disadvantaged populaces in the western world, out of inequality.

  2. The second major investment opportunity is to scale AIME to international contexts The model is so simple in it's essence, a mentoring program that bridges the divide between university and the most disadvantaged high school kids. Between the haves and the have nots. We want to see every university in the world become a service institution where mentoring is mandated so young students go back and work with the most disadvantaged kids in their region, thus creating fairer ecosystems and a fairer world.

  3. The third is scaling the AIME program in Australia to a point where we've ended Indigenous educational inequality for such a broad demographic that it becomes inevitable the gap will be closed in a lifetime.

Are donations tax deductible?

AIME is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) and a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Every donation over $2 is tax deductible.  Each time you make a donation to AIME you will receive a tax receipt.

How can I make donation to AIME?

You can make a one-off or recurring donation by click the donate button in the top right hand corner of our site.

Volunteering at AIME

What other volunteer opportunities are there at AIME?

Throughout the year AIME has a number of events that are usually either fundraising events or opportunities for others to learn more about AIME. Please let us know about the kind of things you would potentially like to help us with by completing our general enquiries form and we'll keep you posted about what's coming up.

How do I become a volunteer AIME mentor?

Generally our mentors are enrolled students at an AIME partner university. However, we may be making some changes to this in the coming months and will keep our Friends updated. So if you aren't already an AIME Friend, you can subscribe to our updates here. In the meantime, if you meet current requirements, please express your interest in becoming an AIME mentor. We look forward to hearing from you.

What do mentors do?

Mentors are matched one-on-one or with a small group of high school students and together they work through AIME program content in sessions or workshops that are facilitated by a member of our team. Mentors are trained prior to attending sessions and must provide a Working with Children Check or equivalent documentation for the country in which they are mentoring. Mentors do not participate in the program until they provide evidence of child protection clearance.


Has any research been undertaken on the AIME Program?

A number of independent research projects have been conducted on the AIME program, over many years. The main focus has been on the impact the program has had on our kids and mentors. KPMG also conducted an economic evaluation of the program.  You can find all our reports and other studies here.

I’m doing an assignment on AIME. Where can I find information?

Please head to our impact page.  Each report documents our program outcomes and important highlights for each year. In the various research reports you will find deeper analysis of the AIME program. Should you have specific questions that can't be answered in the reports mentioned above, please contact us and we will do our best to answer them for you.

Speaking and Media Enquiries

Who can I speak with regarding a story on AIME?

Please contact our media team here and they will be in touch to discuss this with you further.

How can I invite a member of the AIME team to attend or speak at an event?

Please contact us and remember to include as much information about the event as possible, including date, time where, duration of talk etc. If you have a particular team member in mind, please add that too. Our team is incredibly busy, however, we always do our very best to help with speaking engagements and other events as much as we can.


How can I get in touch with one of the directors or members of the Board?

Please email the Board Secretary:

Who does the Board report to?

The AIME Board reports to the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC).

How many Indigenous directors and members are there on the Board?

AIME is required to have a majority of Indigenous directors and members on the board.  AIME has 5 Indigenous directors and 4 non-Indigenous.  And the same for members - 5 Indigenous and 4 non-Indigenous members.

What is the makeup of the AIME board?

The AIME board has 9 directors (4 female and 5 male) and 9 members (2 female and 7 male).  As per our corporation rule book (constitution), the majority of our directors are also members.

AIME Apparel

Shipping Times

We process orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from the AIME Redfern office.

AIME Apparel is only staffed 2 days per week by youngsters in the program. We spend the rest of our time and staff power on mentoring kids :)

So orders can take from 7-14 days to arrive.

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