Year 9 Interactive Program – Letters

It is incredibly empowering for students to tell their story and give them a vehicle to have that story heard.

In the movie Freedom Writers, the students study the Holocaust and then focus in on one of the narratives; the Diary of Anne Frank. After becoming inspired by the story of Miep Gies, the woman who housed Anne Frank, the students want to let her know how inspiring her life has been to them. As a project each student drafts their diary entries into a letter. All the letters are bundled together and sent to Miep. So moved was Miep upon receiving them that she agreed to the request to go and speak to the students at Long Beach.

Following this same methodology AIME has also been inspired by the concept and built two sessions into both the Year 9 & 10 Programs where students have a chance to go through this journey too.

Mentees develop empathy
Mentees learn about the actions people demonstrate to become role models
Mentees learn that words can move people to actions
Mentees develop an undertanding that you can be strong and resilient in the face of advers

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