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Dear __________________


I wanted to put a new programming partner on your radar. AIME is a mentoring program that has had a lot of impact in Australia and they are now establishing programs in the United States. They’ve been working with York College for a number of years and are seeing increased school attendance rates and high school completion rates for mentees as a result of their programming.


AIME’s model seeks to build a bridge between high school and college students. We are currently recruiting and training AIME Mentor leaders at City College who will begin mentoring young people across 10+ schools in our area come September. City College AIME trained mentors will lead local programs for schools supported by AIME staff at no cost to schools. 


Program delivery

How mentoring is delivered will vary in different locations as AIME believes that programs must align to school and University context and local calendar rhythms. Below is a list of options to encourage students in your school to step outside of their comfort zone, imagine what’s possible and get to work on making their vision a reality.


Program Days


(6 days per year; 3 hours per day)

These are delivered by the AIME IMAGI-NATION Mentors. Program days are ideally held on local university campuses.


Students from various schools come together with Mentors and engage in exploring the 18 values of AIME through tried and tested activities, including Failure Time and GAIME of Life. The goal is two-fold: 

  1. Increase mentee confidence and self belief and help them see what’s possible when we flip the script and give them the stage. 
  2. Allow students to come together on university campuses which exposes them to seeing educational opportunities beyond high school in a different light.


Tutor Squads

– In person and/or virtual. 1 hour per week of mentoring delivered by AIME’ s local IMAGI-NATION Mentors at your school or online. Tutor Squads

increase the academic outcomes of mentees and build solid mentor:mentee relationships on a consistent basis.

AIME also offers free programming to Teachers via their free IMAGI-NATION {University} programs.


Teacher-led delivery 

IMAGI-NATION {University}

In February 2021 AIME launched IMAGI-NATION {University} to share their mentoring knowledge and tools with the world. Open and free for all, your teachers and staff can enroll in the IMAGI-NATION {Teacher} stream and explore your own ways of bringing imagination and mentoring to life every day in school. AIME has found that the training and support lessons allow school staff to “cross the line” between being a teacher and being a Mentor. 


What staff will get:

Teacher lessons

– 15, 30 and 60-minute lessons accessed through AIME’s IMAGI-NATION {University} and delivered by teachers in class. 


Ability to implement IMAGI-NA TION {Factory) Days at your school

Accessed through IMAGI-NATION {University}, teachers will gain resources so that they can set up programming days throughout the year.

I’m excited about the potential of this program especially given the positive feedback we’re receiving from colleagues at York College.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about this program. Let me know if you’re interested in talking more about the potential for your school to be involved. 

Looking forward to hearing your feedback and catching up with you soon. 

Take care

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