Mentee Opportunity // Info Pack

Organise a time with the school(s) to go in and talk to all the students. This is where we present the program to the prospective mentees in an intimate environment. Giving us the opportunity to provide clarity on the year ahead, the behavioural expectations that are required for participation, incredible opportunities such becoming an Imagination Ambassadors and most importantly we get the chance to build an individual connection and relationship with the kids through mentoring for the next year and beyond.

The program doesn’t roll out, the system doesn’t change and the community of people we’re working with doesn’t rise if we can’t get the kids in the room.

Everything you do pre, during and post these conversations will be remembered.

Punctual attendance at every interaction (Tutor Squads and Theatre of Education Days)

Take risks and leaning into uncomfortable with us.

Being brave to ask the questions

Doing the work not just at AIME but at school, at home and in the wider community.AIME is the easy part and you can let this be known.

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