Hope’s Imagination Cookbook

Hey, friends, I’m Hope, and this is my cookbook!

Hey, friends, I’m Hope, and this is my cookbook! Although a cup of energy and a mixed bowl of work ethic and discipline are no ordinary ingredients, they are what I call “the basics” in this cookbook. None of my students are ever the least bit surprised to find themselves whipping up a tray of imagination or a dozen chocolate chip cookies baked in a warm heart and a combination of chaos, curiosity, and a heaping spoon of hope. ;ait, some people might say, You call this a cookbook? Yes, I do. You know why? Because cooking is about transformation, and the right recipe, with the right ingredients in just the right amount will transform us. If you don’t trust yourself to try the special recipes below, trust me. I’ve spent a lifetime studying creativity, working with kids, and also connecting adults to new possibilities. I’ve found in my time that there is a special, brilliant world called imagination, which I believe is a muscle that we can strengthen and train, just like we would any other muscle. 5his cookbook will walk you through the 14 ingredients that go into imagination, and then provide just the right number of inspired concoctions that will bring imagination to life. Now listen, everyone: Before we begin, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to read my book, consider my ideas and, most importantly, try my recipes and serve them up faaancy. My fans, my creator colleagues, my friends at AIME, and I will all be cheering you on! Yeah, let’s get this done! Go imagination!

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Author: Professor Hope