Getting to Know You – Year 9 Interactive Program

In the shortest, most efficient, and most productive amount of time we need to connect strangers with each other and spark an interest straight away. This session is mission critical for setting the tone, and conversations around the contract and expectations are very important for explaining the boundaries and expectations. It’s also important in this session to give the Mentees and Mentors space, so make sure they sit one-on-one. Often kids will want to sit near their mates. This will be your first test, help the Mentors out and tell the kids they’ve gotta split – a friend looking over the shoulder can often break down the whole process of trust building. The key for this one is to let the Mentors know to use every question as a starting point for the conversation – send them some of the questions in the brief so they can prepare.

Outcomes – after 60mins:
Initiate strong working relationship between Mentee and Mentor, which can be deepened as year progresses
Establish AIME expectations for the year (100% attendance, no shame, try, be respectful, have fun)
Mentees to sign and return AIME contract to the AIME presenter — demonstrating that they understand the AIME expectations and they will commit to achieving them.

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