Custodian Visas

Welcome to the first 50 Custodian VISA positions, these roles are for network of network leaders, knowledge holders, shepherds, doers, builders, makers and leaders who are committed to the long game of ensuring IMAGI-NATION reaches its network potential for the enrichment of life on earth for humanity and all other species.

The Custodianship VISA is for the first people in IMAGI-NATION to have a home to weave in unlikely connections and a space to open up highways for people around the world to come into IMAGI-NATION & create actionable change.

The Custodianship VISA is for a 12 month term, with a graduate position to become a mentor in residence in the IMAGI-NATION Moon and support the governance, action, change afoot on planet earth throughout the 9 year lifecycle of IMAGI-NATION. There will be 450 Custodian VISAs released in total creating an intergenerational relational network of those who have held the notes and shifting the way the world works.

The Custodianship experience over the 12 month VISA duration is as following:

  • October-December: Apply for VISA. The Process with the AIME team will be relational and focus on the visualisation and action ahead it will include a zoom out which will find orientation needing including a process of exploring default setting around relations, custodianship, mentoring, imagination, systems change – this process over this time will deepen relations with the AIME team. There will be knowledge comprehension and projects to get this orientation moving towards the relational and then we’ll provide space to hone the action ahead in IMAGI-NATION.
  • December: official VISAS granted – Official VISA created electronically
  • January 26th, 2024: The IMAGI-NATION Platform will open with the first Club of Unlikely Connections for Custodians, and orientation for your unlikely core group of 5 will commence. 
  • January-April: Action really lifts off on the knowledge work inside the nation relevant to our VISA responsibilities. The AIME team will be in Embassy with 33 custodians physically in your location fusing relations during this phase.
  • March: First 5 ACTION VISAS released – JOY CORP, Imagination Labs (Schools), Indigenous Knowledge Systems Labs, Systems Change Citizens. March – June sees the Action VISAS orientation and application process take place.
  • April-June: Custodian Action & knowledge development continues in sync
  • June: Global Story Tour – All Custodians Invited to come on tour to 5 global cities. 
  • June: Next years 50 Custodian VISA positions open. Action VISA Holders enter IMAGI-NATION on June 28 For their first Club of Unlikely Connections.
  • June-October: Custodians complete work & submit their work June 28 to receive October Trip to Australia and unlock the Custodian Hoodie. Graduate Custodians are invited to join the Moon as Mentors and guides for the remaining life cycle of IMAGI-NATION.
  • October: Puzzle Story Tour in Australia – Successful Custodian VISAs who have completed their body of work are invited and receive their official Custodian VISA
  • November: AIME in a Box Graduation Tool Kit sent to Custodians

Once a month Custodians will gather via the Nation Stage for a Unlikely Connections session on strategy, relations, knowledge, energy. 

Once a week Custodians are invited to IMAGI-NATION weekly as a way to connect and zoom back out together.

UNCx5 home groups are available all year round.

Twice yearly Custodians are invited to connect as a troupe physically and share and shape Big Story. Each Custodianship VISA gets access* to two deep relational fellowship residencies deep story sense making experiences each year, one in Australia and the other in 5 cities around the world. To weave and make meaning and sense as a troupe. 

Each Moon Mentor (Graduate Custodian) will be invited to the IMAGI-NATION Funeral between July & August 2032 in sync with the Olympics in Australia. Each Moon Mentor (Graduate Custodian) will obtain access to all areas inside IMAGI-NATION, including the ability to trade in the Meeting Place.

The Custodianship VISAS are filled on a first past the post basis meaning if we find the right candidate as the first applicant then we fill the role, otherwise they remain open.

The Following Custodianship VISAs are currently open for Application: