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After building a network to alleviate inequity for almost the last 20 years, AIME is creating a new country for the world, IMAGI-NATION, that brings together unlikely connections from inside and outside the margins. Our {Embassies} will be designed from vehicles thought to be past their prime and reimagined to... Read More

This Hoodie…is for Co-CEO’s

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If ya missed it, the premise of MOAH is – ‘let’s find a systemic challenge and weave a solution that works within and beyond the AIME system, creating short-term and long-term systemic change.’ Welcome to MOAH Episode #1 This is Hoodie is for Co-CEO’s and JOY…. AIME’s Co-CEO model is plugging a... Read More


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A 2,800km drive across the USA, a public address at 17 major events, conversations from corporate offices to Parliament House, and much more: Sherice Jackson’s year as AIME’s Co-CEO 2019 was a year to remember. Could you be the next Co-CEO? Keep reading to find out what it takes and how to apply.