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You’ve Got Mail #2 – VIKP launch

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So we’ve been working with this crew Human Kind Festival – and today we release the biggest ever single batch of tickets to a festival in the world – for kind people, for very important kind people. 1000 x 3 day tickets to the full festival. The first 1000 peeps nominated will... Read More

Australian Flood Support

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AIME friends, We would love you to put your hand up and head to Lismore (and its surroundings) to help with the floods that have devastated a community.  Please email us if you live in the region or are able to get up there to help in the next few months. We... Read More

How door knocking changed my life

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I was delighted when I got news of the contract. I ran home to tell my parents that I’d been selected. A two-year football contract at age 16. Football was my avenue out of the council estate that I grew up in. It was my way to get rid of... Read More

The Kindness of a Stranger

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This Christmas, I received the ultimate gift. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger, my son Philip is still with me. Philip, 14, is kind, wise and a budding artist. My gorgeous boy also feels everything, very deeply. He’s so sensitive, so complicated, and suffers from a mood disorder and... Read More

Your stories of kindness

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Your moments of kindness experienced in 2018. Let’s start 2019 together. 💌 While I was travelling overseas, my beautiful grandfather passed away. It was so hard to be away and I missed my family very much. When I flew back into Australia and walked through the arrival gates, my Mum... Read More

226 Days of kindness

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What does kindness mean to you? For the last 226 days I’ve had the opportunity to learn what kindness means to many people. Being AIME’s Sunday Kindness editor, I’ve seen stories of kindness come across my desk each week, each story revealing that one person’s experience of kindness is unlike... Read More