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You’ve Got Mail #2 – VIKP launch

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So we’ve been working with this crew Human Kind Festival – and today we release the biggest ever single batch of tickets to a festival in the world – for kind people, for very important kind people. 1000 x 3 day tickets to the full festival. The first 1000 peeps nominated will... Read More

Hoodie Economics

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Welcome to the Hoodie Economics Faculty Prof Asterix is hosting a knowledge yarn around Hoodie Economics the book written by AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft . Candice Mama is sweating her PHD project of Kindness Economics, digging into the research around VIKP, under the tutorage of Professor Energy,... Read More


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ON THE 11TH NOVEMBER 2027 the WORLD WILL COME TOGETHER FOR A DAY OF HUMAN/KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN to see how much Human Kindness can be generated in one day to permanently centre kindness at the heart of our local, national and global currencies, to re-establish relational economies and a world united by... Read More


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Episode Description I guess in the end riches are made of stored relational energy from unequal exchanges. True wealth may be best described as an increase in relations, rather than growth in the surplus energy produced by them. This would be the difference between a growth-based and increase-based economy. We... Read More

The launch of HUMAN\KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN

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Today LIVE at the Sunrise Festival in Sydney, AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft officially launched HUMAN\KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN. On the 11TH November 2027, the world will come together for a day of HUMAN/KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN to see how much Human Kindness can be generated in one day. To permanently centre kindness at the heart of our local, national and... Read More