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AIME: The Beginning By Jack Manning Bancroft

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AIME : The Beginning Through the eyes of AIME’s Founder and CEO, Jack Manning Bancroft “This Program would create an arena for all young people to come together, and grow together.” I write this now as a 21 year-old and I do this because my gut feeling is that this... Read More

AIME 5-Year Plan

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Aime released a 5-year plan with the goal to engage 2800 Indigenous high school students, 20 university partners, 1700 university student mentors, and 10,000 Indigenous students in a 1-hour weekly online classroom secure $42M in funding over the next 5 years, and make AIME a great place to work.

AIME: The Beginning 2005-2006

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History of the AIME Program from 2005-2206, written by Jack Manning Bancroft, founder and CEO of AIME