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Flip the Script

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Ol’ Barnacle Blue here is gonna take a crack at flipping this real snoozer of an academic treatise into something more digestible.  What’d ya say? Let’s flow. I gotta give it to you straight: academic babble’s for the  penguins and I’m what you call a straight. Download Here

Hoodie Economics

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Hoodie Economics through a case study authored by AIME’s Head of Education, Parul Punjabi Jagdish. This paper will analyse the evolution of economics in  broad brushstrokes through a conversation with esteemed thinker Tyson Yungaporta, and then look to zero in on some of the interesting formative insights that are arising in... Read More

101 Lessons Book – Organising Change

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I’ve learned so much living and breathing the idea of organising change since I was 17… When I was nineteen, AIME began, and this book is a reflection of my experience across that trip in waking up every single day for almost 6,000 days in a row with the question,... Read More


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Jack is the CEO and Founder of AIME, an award winning company that has produced groundbreaking results through the simple tool of mentoring. He founded the organisation in 2005 as a 19 year old and has since grown its reach and impact all around the globe. Current projects that are... Read More

7 Down

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How do you take on global inequity? Back in 2014, AIME was having real success as a mentoring organisation tackling one of Australia’s most intractable problems:closing the education gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids and seeing them complete high school at the same rate as other Australian kids.... Read More