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Imagination Projects Imagination blogs Welcome to the IMAGINATION Faculty Prof Hope is in the Imagination Faculty alongside Prof Song and Prof Dream,. Prof Dream has gathered with Professor Galactic driven in partnership with Learning Planet to look at 1001 Dreams. There is a team of partners – UNCx5 that are... Read More

Hoodie Day 2022 Annoucement

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Hi.... I'm a Hoodie... and since 2010 I've been building a fairer world. How? Well my friend Dr Equality defined equality once as the share of knowledge, wealth, power, voice, and agency.... ...heaps of our exchange our economy that moves our connections and relations is centred around a $, what... Read More

10th AIME Hoodie Day

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16 Years. One Dream. Equality. 25000 kids. 5000+ Volunteer Mentors. 6 Countries. Hundreds of thousands of people coming together to re-imagine, re-create and re-design tomorrow’s fairer world and kick educational disadvantage to the curb, free our minds from the demons that plague our ability to see the best in each... Read More