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Imagination Projects Imagination blogs Welcome to the IMAGINATION Faculty Prof Hope is in the Imagination Faculty alongside Prof Song and Prof Dream,. Prof Dream has gathered with Professor Galactic driven in partnership with Learning Planet to look at 1001 Dreams. There is a team of partners – UNCx5 that are... Read More

The Imagination Project

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The imagination project is a 10-year project, hosted by AIME and #LearningPlanet, bringing together circles of educators and changemakers to centre imagination in the global education journey. It’s an emergent research project led by practitioners and experts in the field.  Quarterly, members of the imagination project engage in a circle hosted by AIME’s IMAGI-NATION {Labs} TV platform. The episode is then published alongside submissions from the members. Over 10 years... Read More

IMAGI-NATION {TV} At The LearningPlanet Festival 2023

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Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change. We want to see imagination in action to transform education, and we’re inviting you to be part of the change. Join this series of Imagination TV sessions hosted specially for the LearningPlanet Festival, to hear from communities around... Read More

Launch of The Imagination Project

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The imagination project is a 10 year project, hosted by AIME and #LearningPlanet, bringing together circles of educators and changemakers to centre imagination in the global education journey. It’s an emergent research project led by practitioners and experts in the field.  Quarterly, members of the imagination project engage in a... Read More

The Imagination Declaration

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Following the Uluru Statement From The Heart, in 2019, a group of young Indigenous people have gathered in East Arnhem Land for the Youth Forum at Garma Festival (hosted by the Yothu Yindi Foundation). The forum was facilitated by AIME and resulted in a declaration for the Prime Minister and Education Minister’s across Australia – The Imagination... Read More