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I’m the founder of AIME*. We’ve worked for 16 years as an IMAGI-NATION {Factory} looking to eradicate educational inequality for marginalised kids. I started this as a 19 year old, sitting in between two worlds — one of privilege, a white family, and a world of systemic disadvantage, a black family. I wanted to be a bridge between both worlds. I wanted to design a fairer world, one where we saw each other not from where we have come from, but where we could go to.

Our website is currently under construction, like the rest of us. I hope you’ll enjoy the stripped back version, and find a way to make change with us either through IMAGI-NATION {University}, ROCKET, or through STORY.

If we want to change the world, we gotta change the way it works.

AIME Founder & Head of Design
October 6, 2020


*Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience

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