• The ‘Class of 2020’: the first heroes of our Making of a Hoodie podcast

    Eight youngsters, three continents, a podcast and a hoodie. What’s the story? 

    It’s the first-ever episode of our new podcast series, Making of a Hoodie, and we celebrate some very special heroes: the Class of 2020, a group of Year 12 students from Australia, India and Zimbabwe

    We wanted to find out: How do you navigate this complicated reality that’s never been seen before? What opportunities have come out of it? How do you respond when your teacher breaks down in class? Can we ever stop learning? Does technology really mean progress? What colour can represent 2020, a year like no other?

    So we asked the kids at the frontline of the most complex revolution in educational delivery of the 21st century. And then we asked them to design a hoodie - a symbol of their story, of the story of what our lives can be. A hoodie that inspires us to reach for a fairer world.