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Content Starts BEYOND

IMAGI-NATON’s border is Earth, and we see our role as planetary, in fact as galactic. We are energy currents in the whole universe, and we don’t see nation borders, we don’t see racial borders, we see 8 million other species on the rock we call home, we see 20 billion billion other animals, and we see a universe of which we only know 4% of what we might know. Our work in IMAGI-NATION must be transferred into KNOWLEDGE openly shared, which in its ideal format is shaped into TOOLS, which when activated in their deepest, richest forms, are STORY, deep long story.

We tell STORY through TOOLS to help humanity be CONTENT. We don’t shape CONTENT to make humanity feel insecure, hopeless, lost, isolated and want to buy our freedom. We remind humanity through STORY and TOOLS that our freedom is always here, in our imagination, in our ability for original thought.

After our 10 years as IMAGI-NATION, we will gift all of the IP from the network and from AIME back to NATURE, to restore modern songlines, to restore nature as our source of intelligence, to shift economies from preservation to intelligent relations with nature. The original IP holder is NATURE. We are NATURE’s AI. Every idea, every one of us matters, and when our economies value this relation, we’ll find our way.