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Bring on 2020,Change is
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We believe a mentor can change someone’s life through a permanent shift in mindset.

We want to ignite the flame within university/college students across the planet to rise up as mentors for marginalised youth and lead a revolution for them to rise up out of inequality. We've been working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander kids in Australia for the past 15 years and in 2020 we're working across Australia, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and the United States. We understand that what we are fighting for is a global issue, and it takes a united effort to defeat systematic oppression. We are aware that these issues don’t exist just in our backyard, but all around the globe.

If it's not going to be you then who? If it's not going to be now then when?

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Hey you! So you wanna be a mentor?

Mentor applications aren't open just yet as we're updating our processes. However, you should get a head-start by registering your details and creating an AIME account. Once they're open, we'll notify you so you can complete your application.

One by one we'll get it done!