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Our Impact

We've got a story of change that has lit up Australia for 13 years, and is now working across the world. It's a simple idea, mentoring. We are about to announce the countries where we will be heading to through a recently launched global campaign that will run for 3 years.

It’s a proven model to end inequality and bring the powerful & powerless together.

What’s the vision? A world where mentoring is something we all do. Where it's normal.

Here are the facts:


Continuing their education.

75% Of AIME Kids have moved from High School into university training or employment for six years in a row.


AIME Graduates

And more will have gone through the AIME Program by the end of 2018.


Uni Students Volunteering

University students will have volunteered their time as mentors when this year concludes.



Of kids leave us with an increased sense of strength of identity, purpose and aspirations.

Along with the reports at the bottom of this page, throughout the site you will find other endorsements and resources that help illuminate the impact. Such as:

  1. Business leaders and university leaders back home signed an open letter to university leaders across the world endorsing our model to create fast, scalable change for disadvantaged kids & grow the leadership skills of university students who act as mentors in our program.
  2. Here's a 2 minute animated film that paints a picture of what AIME does.
  3. To get a good sense of it, watch the classroom interview with 25 participants from different walks of life over the last 12 years (20 minutes of viewing time) or check out the other one on one interviews.
  4. The BIO of our CEO & founder is here if it helps for the legit test.

Checkout our latest reports.

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AIME Fam, wanna help the African Australian community? Due to your wonderful generosity we've raised $55k! Help us reach $60k and fund Bem and this program for the first year. Find out more and donate here.