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triple j Change the Date of Hottest 100

If you haven't heard the news already we wanted to give you the heads up that triple j has moved the Hottest 100 to be on the last weekend of January.

Moving forward it won't be on Jan 26 anymore.

We are really happy with this result and have been proud to work behind the scenes to help with this change.

We’re happy, not because the change says Australia is bad, but because it says, hey this is us celebrating Australia’s greatness. Our ability to improve and adapt as people.

When you zoom out and look into it, there's just gotta be a better day to celebrate our nation than on January 26, the day of invasion that led to a series of some of the worst atrocities ever faced by humankind, targeted at our first Australians and my ancestors.

Whilst it’s the day we’ve currently got, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look to how we can improve it. If we were a nation that simply said, “that’ll do”, then we would never have done anything.

There's just gotta be a better day. A day for us all.

We're stoked that this move, in one way shape or form, will help move the needle towards a future Australia where we are all a part of it, from our first Australians to our very newest arrivals.
So for this year's historical Hottest 100, as listeners across the nation, and the globe, come together to count down the tunes of the year, we'll be there with them.

There'll be shirts rocked at BBQ's designed by Indigenous kids. Many people will have already donated to support an Indigenous kid to receive mentoring. And throughout the day, we’ll share messages of Indigenous Success.

This will be our last year partnered with the Hottest 100.

Almost four years ago we sat in the boardroom at triple j after Marlesha, a former AIME mentor who was on the j’s staff at the time, got us in the door.

In the meeting we entered with a promise that we could grow to 10,000 kids a year over a 3 year partnership. That we could help provide a stage for Indigenous success to shine across the nation’s airwaves. And that together we could lead a new and positive conversation around our national identity moving forward.

As the final song gets played on Jan 27 2018, lean back, enjoy a sip of your beverage of choice, and reflect on this:

  • 2015 - AIME is working with 4484 kids a year, no triple j partnership.
  • 2018 - 3rd year of partnership, triple j changes the date of the Hottest 100 and AIME grows to 10,000 kids a year. We’re hoping 10000+ triple j & AIME shirts are sold with Indigenous kids artworks front and centre, heaps of cash is raised and we march into a future where Indigenous equality becomes an achievable reality in our lifetime

Thanks to Ollie, Pam, Marlesha and the team at the j’s for backing the kids of the future to rise up.
And thank you all for walking with us and bit by bit building a stronger Australia for us all.

Much love,

Jack Manning Bancroft

Founder & CEO

Hottest 100 Unisex Tee

The artwork featured on this tee is by Reece Bokenkamp, a former mentee from our ACT program..