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Building mentoring bridges between schools and universities

We believe a permanent shift in mindset can end the cycle of disadvantage.

What's our story?

This magical film brought our story to life. We created it in collaboration with M&C Saatchi, Sydney and Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and we hope it inspires you to join us in changing the way the world works.

I'd like to make the world a fairer place.

Join us in our relentless drive to be mentors for a fairer world.

Here are the facts:


Continuing their education.

75% Of AIME Kids have moved from High School into university training or employment for six years in a row.


AIME Graduates

And more will have gone through the AIME Program by the end of 2018.


Uni Students Volunteering

University students will have volunteered their time as mentors when this year concludes.



Of kids leave us with an increased sense of strength of identity, purpose and aspirations.

Who's helping out

AIME is not only mighty, it is crucial. It has the power to knit the entire global community together through education, and endorses mentorship in the best possible way. It will lift, it will deepen, it will transform. - Uzo Aduba

See our Ambassadors

Welcome to the Beta version of our new website. We’ve launched this a little early as we are excited to open Mentor Applications in Australia, Uganda and South Africa for 2018. If you notice anything that doesn’t look quite right please let us know.