The AIME Global Embassy

As mentors, AIME staff build relation around the world in Embassy.

We invest in relations, build bridges and spark connections through STORY, focused on place-based action.


Don’t waste the last week of school on pointless busy work and time in front of a screen. Open the minds of the next generation through puppetry, dance, failure time and maybe even a bit of magic.

We made this fun little map where you can see the mentors and where they are located all over the world. We are always drafting so keep an eye out for more locations and more mentors posted by the end of the year.

Then get set of imaginative action-focused storytelling in order to generate a different type of thinking, a doorway into IMAGI-NATION.

For Schools

Mentoring Magic Workshop

Request for our global mentors to come visit your school in the last week of school to run a 1 hour workshop for your students on imagination, mentorship and custodianship. Classrooms that participate also get access our secret mentoring resources.

Mentoring Magic School Event – Wagga Wagga

Join AIME for a Mentoring Magic school event in Wagga Wagga on Friday, 15 December from 12-2pm AEDT that weaves together imagination, mentoring and custodianship.

We believe in the power of mentoring and its ability to shape futures. Our sessions are designed to be more than just workshops; they are gateways to a world of imagination and possibilities.

Meet the Mentors

(Listed in alphabetic order)

Past Embassy Events

Human Kind Festival @ Luna Park, Sydney, Australia

Photography: Benjamin Knight

HATCH Europe @ Caux Palace, Montreaux, Switzerland