The AIME Program

What it is and how you can get involved

AIME provides a dynamic educational Program that gives Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their peers. AIME has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. AIME also connects students with post Year 12 opportunities, including further education and employment.

We believe that Indigenous = success and expect all kids in our Program to succeed.

AIME Program (Per Uni Site)

Across the country, AIME delivers a range of different programs. The Core Program targets local Indigenous high school students who attend schools that are able to visit an AIME partner university campus on a weekly basis. The Outreach Program extends the AIME experience to Indigenous high school students from further afield through a more intensive full day format. The following is a snapshot of what the kids receive:

  • Year 9 'Interactive' Core Program: 15 x 1 hour mentoring sessions at your university campus held weekly (during session time) from April to November. The Year 9 Interactive Program will require you to step outside your comfort zone for sessions such as Art, Drama, Respect and Hip Hop.
  • Year 10 'Leadership' Core Program: 15 x 1 hour mentoring sessions at your university campus held weekly (during session time) from April to November. The Year 10 Leadership Program includes sessions on Racism, Year 11 and 12 Subject Selection, Résumé Building and Writing your First Speech as Prime Minister.
  • Year 11/12 Leadership and Development Core & Outreach Program: 4 x full-day sessions delivered at your university campus across the months of April to November (Starts March on the Gold Coast). Through a range of interactive facilitated sessions the focus is on Year 12 completion and transition/connection to the next chapter of life.
  • AIME Tutor Squads: Squads of AIME Mentors will travel to schools during the 15-week program period to provide further academic and personal support for the students. Each site may host up to 5 squads of 5 Mentors.
  • AIME Outreach Program: AIME will open its doors to Year 9 to 12 students in schools beyond the 30-minute radius of our Core Program and for those who cannot make it onto the University campus each week. Students in the Outreach Program will have the chance participate in 12 AIME sessions spread across 4 full-day visits to the university campus across the months of May to November (Starts March on the Gold Coast).

Our Goals

AIME's goals for all Indigenous students involved in the Program are to:

  • Increase Year 10 progression rates
  • Increase Year 12 progression rates
  • Increase university admission rates

University Student Benefits

  • A unique opportunity to engage hands-on with Indigenous Australia.
  • Focused leadership, communication and cultural training.
  • Practicum experience.
  • Employment opportunities provided by our partners.

Local Community Impact

  • AIME strengthens links between universities and local high schools.
  • AIME supports teachers to become more optimistic about tertiary education being a real option for their Indigenous students.
  • Through a strong relationship with AIME, parents' belief in their child's chances of pursuing a university education is increased.

National Community Impact

  • Helping Australians see Indigenous Australia as an opportunity, not an obligation.
  • Giving everyday Australians the chance to have a meaningful connection with Indigenous Australia.
  • Building the idea that Indigenous can mean success.