The taxi

7pm on May 20, 2022. Blue Yord City. Stuart Reeves rides in a taxi on the way to a dinner. 

Three weeks earlier he’d been called by an old school friend Leila Wren. Leila said, “I’ve bought you a ticket to a dinner party. It’s on May 20, and I want you to go, Stuart. It’s across the border, in IMAGI-NATION, and the dinner is at the restaurant ROCKET – a night of unlikely connections.”

“Why me?”

Stuart Reeves was naturally skeptical, not a cynic on the road to the end of all hope, but a healthy skeptic. Stuart would usually have said “Sorry Leila, I can’t do it” and made up an excuse to remove the chance of an unpredictable reality being realised, but it just so happened that Stuart had just read a very intelligent Blue Yord Times article on the challenges of the climate warming, and the seemingly intractable challenges ahead, the article had explained how imagination is fuelled by unlikely connections, it had spoken about the theory of the adjacent possible, and reflected on Einstein’s insight where he believed Imagination was more important than knowledge. The article had explored that the current world we have, with the internet being dominated by social networks that affirm our biases and connect us to things we like and people like us, is creating more and more silos, and destroying our ability to have complex discourse, and effectively operate in democratic societies where ideas can be debated, and grown with complexity. The article had ended with a reflection on nations, on walls that keep us apart, and pondered what a nation may look like with everyone welcome, that the digital landscape may provide such a space. The article was a long one, and Stuart had read it on the subway, and then on the way home he looked around him, there were people from all walks of life in his carriage, a carriage of unlikely connections. What would change if he started a conversation with one of them? If he didn’t do what was predicted. 

“Okay Leila, thanks for the ticket, I’ll go to the dinner.”

So now Stuart rode in the taxi, to the border, to enter a new place, nervously, with energy pulsing through his body he looked down and read his invitation: 

Dear Stuart,

We can’t wait to Welcome you to ROCKET, 

AIME’s Restaurant for Change.

ROCKET is in the newest country on planet earth 

That we have helped set up, IMAGI-NATION.

We founded IMAGI-NATION because, 

Human kind is looking out at some problems we don’t yet have the solutions for.

We haven’t yet engaged the full potential of human intelligence.

That intelligence is waiting outside the margins.

IMAGI-NATION is creating the highways of exchange between those 

Inside the margins and those outside to unearth

a network of unlikely connections,

a network that unlocks the intelligence of the human race,

fused with a common mission to

Find meaning, unearth knowledge, and create action

That builds a fairer world at large.

Here’s your passport, ticket to IMAGI-NATION, and invitation to dinner. 

See you soon


Stuart asked the taxi driver if they’d heard much about what it was like across the border. The driver nodded and said “I’ve heard it gives you energy.”

IMAGI-NATION had just opened, and the world was watching, now Stuart was heading in.

The Ocean

The taxi pulled up to the pier, and Stuart got out, the ocean sprawled ahead of him and a tiny boat was waiting, through a small radio There was music playing from the boat. It was Pet Sounds, by the Beach Boys produced by Brian Wilson.. The captain handed him a lifejacket, took his ticket, and started up the boat.

They travelled across the seas. The stars were shapeshifting above them.

The Border

On the trip the captain told a story about onions, she said we people, we are like onions, the layers we put around ourselves, keep everything away from our core, when we little, we are just core, in that state we can access pure imagination, genius, as we grow, systems, patterns, yes, no, fail, succeed, money, no money, black skin, white skin, layers, layers, until, all closed up. 

The trip had felt like it took both minutes and an age, as IMAGI-NATION showed itself on the horizon, Stuart was hypnotised.

Boats were coming in of all shapes and sizes. Tiny ones, big ones, there were people flying in kites, hot air balloons, solar powered planes.

Signs were coming out of the water, tied to dancing kelp, farms of it littered the ocean below, the sea life was singing. The signs were directing both the sea and air traffic. 

The signs were neon, pulsing, it seemed they were powered by fireflies, they read: EVERYONE WELCOME, THERE ARE NO BORDERS IN IMAGI-NATION. Arrows were pointing with other signs to show the way to the UNIVERSITY, MONEYLESS SHOP, CINEMA, TV STUDIO, RADIO, LIBRARY, GALLERY, LAB, and then a sign to ROCKET, Stuart’s boat turned and followed the sign towards the shore.

The boat rode the waves in, and Stuart was suddenly engulfed by a chorus of Rock Stacks that rose independently between 50-100m from the coastline, as the boat wove through them Stuart looked up and could see webs of hanging wooden walking bridges connecting between the Stacks, and then back to the coastline.

The Doorway in

The captain pulled into the jetty, Stuart hopped off, and dusted off his suit and walked up to an old dilapidated doorway, with the sign, AIME Restaurant ROCKET, and he went to knock, Mycelium Morgan opened the door. 

Mycelium Morgan: “Welcome Stuart, we are very much looking forward to having you here, follow me, how you feeling?”

Stuart: Walking through the door, with a slight smile Stuart offered up a response, “Seasick.”

Mycelium Morgan walked behind the empty bar at the foot of the staircase, grabbed a soda, added a dash of bitters and handed it to Stuart.

The graffiti tunnel staircase – story of earth

They start walking up through a winding graffiti tunnel, weaving up through the underground.

Mycelium Morgan: “Peeling back the layers hey. I promise you, this experience is going to be a rich one. We’ve built this Restaurant to give guests a window into the whole of IMAGI-NATION, to be able to understand the recipes, to unpack our theory of unlikely connections, and to make meaning together.

Stuart: “What’s your story?”

Mycelium Morgan: “I’m Mycelium Morgan, Morgs for short, been working here for a couple of years now, chef brought me in when they started diving deep into systems thinking, Dr Jane Goodall dropped in here last year and said “every action has a series of unintended consequences” and afterwards Chef wanted to think in the biggest possible way about designing change – they went away and dug into systems, and the most successful, scalable solutions, and they stumbled across Mycelium, we are the oldest continuously surviving multi-cellular network in the world, we help connect trees to talk to each other underground, and the more they learned about us, the more they wanted to connect.”

“How’d he find you?”

“RIT media labs were doing human cloning DNA experiments fusing humans with seaweed DNA, horse hair, and mycelium…. Bingo out I popped, Mycelium Morgan. Come on through.”


Keep walking up the Walk through the graffiti tunnel staircase – story of earth. 

6 Page double spread of the story of the earth. 

No dialogue



Security Robot Head

“You got an invite?”

Morgan: “It’s cool Rob”

Stuart: “That’s fine, here it is.”

Robot Head: 

“You know the rules in here?”

Stuart: “Umm no I don’t”

Robot Head points to the wall. We zoom in and see rules.


#1 – No Shame at AIME

#2 – Imagine What’s Possible

#3 – Make an unlikely connection

#4 – No cell phones

Morgan: “Alright c’mon through Stu.”

Security Robot Head: “Wait, you need to wear this watch, you’re only allowed in for 2 hours. Now Stuart this is important, don’t lose the watch, it will keep you on track. If you want to leave before the 2 hours, then you press this button, it’s your escape chute, but it will only work once.”

Robot Head puts the watch on Stuart and presses start for the countdown for 2 hours.

We enter the world. We walk from the graffiti tunnel onto one of the walking bridges Stuart had seen from the boat.

Stuart: Morgan can we stop for a moment? I’ve got so many questions…

Morgan: Sure

Stuart: How did you just build a country? Has the UN ratified it? Whose the government? What’s the economy based on? 

Morgan: Can you give me two hours and make your way through, and then see whether you’ve found the answers?

Stuart nods & Morgan and Stuart Walk over the bridge and onto the Rock Stack, where there is a table and 4 chairs, Stuart takes his seat at the table and Morgan tells Stuart they’ll be back shortly with the other guests..

Stuart is alone in IMAGI-NATION, and takes a moment to think about where he is. He looks up to the sky to find three Eagles dancing in the sunset.

His watch shows there’s 1.45 to go.




On the drawbridge #2

Sofia is listening to music with headphones on walking behind Morgan.  She takes her headphones off.

Sofia: Morgan?

Morgan: Yeah?

Sofia: Ever feel like someone is reading your story? That they are watching you? 

Morgan: Not really.

Sofia: I swear I’ve felt since I walked in here tonight that someone was with us, sitting there, and they were questioning whether this was real. I’m having a “don’t say there aren’t fairies” tinkerbell Peter Pan moment?

Morgan: Haven’t read Pan…

Sofia: Maybe it’s like the Never Ending Story, the relationship between Bastian and Fantastica, where Bastian as the human is the one that keeps Fantastica alive, by believing it exists…

Morgan: I’m not sure I’m…

Sofia: The point is my life is real, this place is real, this year as part of my degree as an entrepreneur at IMAGI-NATION{Uni} i’ve built a street library for kids near me in Pretoria, it’s in the believing that it’s real that it exists if that makes any sense? I think I’m just saying I don’t know why this is so hard to grasp for peeps, why I’ve gotta go to a dinner and talk to Stuart, and explain my story, so he can get it.

Morgan: You aren’t going to dinner just to explain yourself Sofia, this is how it changes, I’d say it’s beyond your story, that’s been the movement of the last 30-50 years, sharing our stories, I’d say today that Stuart doesn’t understand your intelligence, yet, and he doesn’t understand IMAGI-NATION, yet. That doesn’t mean that can’t change. If we always stay with what comes easy to us, with what we know, then what changes?

Sofia: Do you mean like book intelligence?

Morgan: I’m talking bout your wisdom, character, soul, movement, lens, what you hear, what you sing, complex intelligence, including books, and numbers. And I’m talking bout an exchange between you two and the others at dinner. I’m talking bout a complex exchange.

Sofia puts her headphones back on and gives Morgan a slight nod and walks towards the table


As Stuart is sitting waiting at the table, he looks over and sees Sofia and Morgan on the way, they wave, and then coming down one of the other drawbridges is a lady in a long leather overcoat with long hair, she races up to Stuart, increasing pace, and then she lunges for Stuart and Stuart falls off his chair. 

“Don’t hurt me” pleads a shocked Stuart.

“I see your potential Stuart, let’s accelerate the velocity of this learning, I may hit you in the head with a fish if you can’t keep up.”

Stuart pleads with his fingers to find the escape button on his watch, but his arms are pinned back.

As they wrestle, Morgan and Sofia keep walking towards Stuart, as if they can’t even see this woman, they are still smiling, walking towards him. The woman in the long coat has Stuart wrapped in a bear hug, she breathes fish breathe into Stuart’s nose hairs and grins, then there is a jolt, the woman in the long leather coat holds onto Stuart and jumps 50 stories into the air and into the top window of ROCKET. 

We are sitting the top window of ROCKET with the woman in the long leather coat and Stuart is strapped to a chair, the Woman in the leather coat is drawing on a chalkboard – she’s drawing:

Unlikely connection multiplied, endlessly, network of interconnected exchange, the margins not prescribed, she’s sketching symbols. UNconnections x 5 = new network of change. UNCx5. Movement breaks open stuckness. Inequality is no network. No movement. 

Stuart starts to wake, as if from a dream, and the woman in the big leather coat helps him along by slapping him in the face with a fish.

“No sleeping on the job Stuart c’mon.”

Stuart: “Why am I here? All I said was yes to dinner, I didn’t sign up for this, let me go, now.”

His hands are dancing to untie the knots, searching for the escape button.

The Woman in the big overcoat: “I don’t want to.”

Stuart: “Why!? Why did you say the world would break if I stayed at the table? If I met that kid coming towards me?”

The Woman in the big overcoat: “The most dangerous part of this place, is if the unlikely connections are at a surface level, if it’s some general awareness experience, I was watching you come in, and like everyone that comes here they’ve all arrived with a perspective that is at least a little open to the idea of a fairer world, and at the same time many of our guests inside the margins have profited from the way the world has networked. It’s one thing to believe in something theoretically, the complexity is in the unwiring, the peeling back of the…

Stuart: Onion…

The Woman in the big overcoat: The challenge, when we wrestle into how, is for many from other nations, who visit us, they leave their homes that have walls, barriers, limitations, and generally the $$ are central to the exchange.

Stuart: And in this place?

The Woman in the big overcoat: The currency is connections. The capital is the exchange of time, knowledge and opportunities. We’ve modelled the economy on people coming together, moving past individual success, to units of 5 people, who all come from unlikely backgrounds, we see the unlikely connections between people as the pathways to create exchanges.

Stuart: So like a country builds roads to connect some people, that’s the infrastructure, that’s what has powered the network, then there was radio, then phones, and now the internet. And that’s the main playground for IMAGI-NATION am I right? It’s taking the vision of the internet and providing a home for all, taking the power of the social network that we’ve seen take hold in the last decade and…

The Woman in the big overcoat: Making a social network for good. We don’t think humans are broken or bad, we think we are decent at our core, that we are good, we just think the way our highways are built, the way we network, and then what we exchange centrally is a bit busted, we wanna help with the rewiring.

The woman in the big overcoact unties stuart

Stuart: I’m assuming these symbols on the wall are part of the rewiring? UNCx5?

The Woman in the big overcoat walks back towards the board: You got it, so many of our networks reward hedonistic patterns of social reinforcement, the platforms of information reward tiny molecules of ourselves presented as good looking, we are currently losing the battle for human intelligence because we aren’t using it. 

We see life as one dimensional, we want simplicity in the face of complexity, we want affirmation and explaining of our individual talent, these are tricks. The universe is ultimately complex.

She throws Stuart the fish

He catches it and smiles

Woman in the big coat:

Unlikely connections when multiplied by a factor of 5 can change the course of human history.

If you take one of our models of work, where university students create unlikely connections with marginalised high school kids, that gives us a vertical representation of an unlikely connection. Let’s represent it like this. Say the first interaction happens in Australia. 

Action: Indigenous high school student connected with a university student in mentoring experience. 

They have an Unlikely connection with each other.

That’s unlikely connections by a factor of 1.

Stuart: You know this isn’t that complex… I get this I think…

Woman in the big coat:…Yeah but there’s a ceiling here to the movement, it’s vertical, even after that Indigenous high school student, let’s call em Jayden, finishes school, there are significant artery blocks in the system, there’s limited complexity in the exchange of intelligence and value for Jayden, in mass culture his background is now valued, but his intelligence has not yet been given space to influence the system. 

Beyond the intelligence challenge, there’s structural issues with capital, there’s only so much value placed on Indigenous affairs, the opportunity is to build new highways of exchange so the Indigenous knowledge is not contained or boxed within a country or a government portfolio, that it becomes part of a global network of human intelligence.

Stuart: So that’s what you mean by Unlikely connections by 5? That it transcends borders?

Woman in the big coat: Yes, and races and ages, it’s open for all of humanity, that’s what powers this place you are in, IMAGI-NATION. When you move x5 check out what happens: 

When you add in for that Indigenous student, aged 15, let’s call em Jayden, when you add in the following:

#2 Unlikely connection with Ugandan 12 year old organising change 

#3 unlikely connection with New York business professional

#4 unlikely connection with a Professor of Imagination, Professor Hope who is a Puppet, who opens up their neural pathway to the power of imaginative thought and story

#5 unlikely connection to a 37 year old teacher in Germany trying to forge unlikely connections with refugee students

When we mess this goop together that kid now has a network that begins to unlock their potential and gives them 5 pathways from their dreamed reality to actualised reality, we’ve force multiplied the highways of exchange, and they are two way exchanges.

Stuart: We’re stuck aren’t we. Many have said we want to make space, to have equality, but it’s the highways that aren’t built to connect in unlikely fashions…

Woman in the big coat: Yeah or it’s the way the rivers run, the currents don’t yet bend to give us a chance to unlock the biggest untapped source of human intelligence on planet earth, the perspective from outside the margins. But we think they can, and that’s what we are mapping here together.

Okay you gotta go now. 

Stuart: Wait where.

Woman in the big leather coat: Time for you to meet Hope.

The woman in the big leather coat throws Stuart down a shoot, which turns out to be a multicoloured water slide, we see Stuart’s body flowing down the slide from the outside.

We then see Stuart ride the slide underground.

He lands in the shower of an underground tiny house. 

Stuart is sitting alone in the shower, his clothes are soaked from the slide, he looks around at the whole bathroom, it’s max 1.5m x 1.5m, there’s grime on the tiles, there’s fur in the sink, and he looks down and sees the drainpipe clogged up with pink, purple and blue hair. 

Stuart breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth, he closes his eyes, the scent of fish hovers, and it’s mashed up with a touch of scrapped charcoal, his mind is racing, and he tries to slow his world down with breath. The shampoo bottle has a platypus on it. He looks at his watch, 1.15 to go.

He sits.

He sits.

He waits.

Then the door opens.

Professor Hope opens the door, and hands Stuart a towel. Stuart wonders if this is a Puppet or if this is real, where is he? Stuart resists the urge to question out loud, he just breathes, nods and accepts the towel, and then follows Hope into the house. We enter a room with Professor Lionolcorn sitting in a chair looking out the window into soil, the rest of the room has 3 other windows, all looking into soil, and Lionolcorn has one chair and a bunch of papers on the floor and taped to the walls, apart from that the room is totally bare, there is a slight hole in a few of the floorboards, and a door to exit which is closed.

Professors Hope: You don’t need to Stop questioning Stuart, I hear you.

“Wait, I haven’t spoken have I?” Stuart was unreeling, he was losing his grip. 

Prof Hope: “Easy Stuart, I can hear you, I’m the Professor of Imagination at IMAGI-NATION{University}, I speak fluent imagination and can hear your musings”

Prof Hope gently taps Stuart’s temple.

Prof Hope: welcome to our university

Stuart: This is where you run the university? Man this is a dive, there’s no air.

Prof Lionelcorn is sitting in a cane chair staring out the window into earth. “We have air Stuart, we wanted to be designing from the core of the earth upwards, we wanted to be immersed in our research, all we need for this university is the internet, the work happens above ground literally with students organising unlikely connections across the earth, underground and above ground is where we think, we gather, we wander, we explore and we unearth the unlikely connections with knowledge for our students. 

Stuart walks over towards Lionelcorn

Stuart: Who are you guys?

Prof Lionolcorn: We are the Professors. My field is Organising Change, and my main inquiry is into the network of mycelium and how we can learn from it to inform human system design. Wait, Hope, quick, turn the lights off, the information is moving. 

Hope turns the lights off. Stuart and Hope and Lionelcorn look through the window into the soil and it starts to pulse, different colours, veins are moving, it’s a fireworks show, an interconnected fireworks show, and Stuart is astonished. 

Stuart: Wait, what, is this? 

Prof Lionolcorn: Mycelium Stuart, it’s moving information, I think the purple strand is helping send a message from a tree above ground to another one to move a little as it’s taking too much of the sun. Now, now, If you wouldn’t mind I must get back to it. Take this with you, it’s a book my colleague wrote – 101 Lessons in Organising Change

Stuart takes another big breath, and accepts the book, thanks Lionelcorn, and follows Hope into the next room. The watch says 1 hour to go.




Five IMAGI-NATION{University} students are sitting in a room with Professor Energy, the Professor of Mentoring. 

Executive Susan: Prof – I thought mentoring was one to one?

Prof Energy: It can be, but my research has focused on the power of activating the value of mentoring into a network. That the mentoring is the method to move the exchange. 

High School Entrepreneur Shyane: Yeah and Susan the challenge with the one to one mentoring is it assumes one party is the mentor and one party is the mentee. But I’ve got knowledge and perspectives, so I think Prof you’re talking about mentoring moving, in a network, bouncing like molecules.

Teacher Terrence: Yeah… and that’s why there’s 5 of us right? That’s why our tutorials are mixed across our different courses, so the energy of the mentoring is contained. 

Professor Energy: Mmmm we have a visitor. Hello Hope, whose this?

Stuart: Oh hi, I’m Stuart, sorry for interrupting. 

Prof Energy and the students smile. Prof Energy points to Stuart’s watch and says “That’s fine, you’re visiting hey? How long do you have left in here?” 

Stuart looks to his watch and sees there is 50 minutes to go. 

Stuart: “Not as long as I’d like. Can I ask one question before we go?”

Prof Energy: “Sure”

Stuart: “Are you saying mentoring is networked here, that that’s kind of feeding the connection currency? Almost as if being a mentor is all of you 5 together? That there’s some sort of collective mentoring citizenship? 

Uni Student Organiser Olam: “They said you were a business consultant but wow that was sharp” smiles Olam, “yup that’s the vibe, we are connected, our mentoring worth, is our collective knowledge, our collective action, our success, is grown and shared in the five of us.”

High School Entrepreneur Shyane: The way we think about mentoring having to be the older person has it’s flaws, when we remove age, when we have fluidity into who can be the knowledge holders, we are all collectively meaning making, it releases me to fly.”

Stuart smiles: “Move over metaverse, welcome to the mentorverse. Thanks for letting me pass by.”

They say farewell and Stuart passes into the next room in the house.

BLUE – Flip the script.

Asterix – Hoodie Economics

We then move through and meet the rest of the gang in different rooms.


  • Animal story perhaps
  • Solve who attends the Uni – a tutorial group – Prof Einstein Building Bridges in a Tutorial Room

Prof Asterix – Economics – velocity of Kindness – moneyless shop as example

Prof Energy – The MentorVerse – ultimate citizens. Talk about Energy.

Prof Hope leaves and talks about harnessing imagination… about the uni.. What it’s achievi

Leave the Uni House – Stuart meets one of the Eagles…. Eagle explains the Uni, the governance of the Puppets, the role they play as the spokespeople of the NATION, how they are the most revered characters here because of their knowledge, they are the ultimate mentors.








THE STOCK EXCHANGE – Energy, Unlikely Connection Counter, Imagination Index, Velocity of Kindness

The Eagle Flies Stuart back to the table.

He eventually makes it back to the drawbridge where he came in and he can see himself, there he is at dinner, the man with the leather coat appears next to him and the 6 professors stand alongside him, “you ready to go back.”

“Yeah I really think I am.”

We enter back into the dinner party. Meet the 4 guests. 

ROBOT Security walks up and gives everyone a Citizen ticket and proclaims “dinner is over”.

There’s only one between us….

Stuart then asks to see the Chef, he walks through ROCKET and the Chef speaks very little, Stuart then says “Chef,  I got told we’d get to see the AIME Recipe for change?”

Chef turns, glares, then picks up a Fish and holds it up high as if to strike Stuart.

“Ah, I get it, sorry, bit slow on the uptake sometimes.”

UNCx5… one ticket… the five of us… the citizen image is a platypus puppet sign.

Chef lowers throws the fish back into the bucket and offers Stuart a nod of acknowledgement for his journey.

“man that fish smells fresh, is that lime juice crushed with Garlic dripping off it?”

“That’s a keen sense of smell you’ve got there Stuart.”

“Yeah, I felt like I haven’t been able to smell for a while, now it’s everywhere, melting chocolate, damper and the smoke from fire, wow, this is an electric confluence you got going on.

Chef nods in thanks.

Chef walks Stuart back to the door out onto the Jetty and waves goodbye.

Riding the Boat Home

Please put your headphones on and scan this QR code and take the 60 seconds of audio to stay in the ocean with Stuart before turning the page

Stuart nods to the captain, puts on the lifejacket, and rides across the ocean.

In the Taxi

In the taxi Stuart stretches his sweaty legs across the backseat, his IMAGI-NATION backpack is overflowing with books, in his jacket pocket the invite is still there, and he’s holding his IMAGI-NATION{Citizenship}.

The taxi driver asks him what he’s up to. Stuart explains a little then asks the Taxi Driver about his night.

“I’ve been working 12 hours straight, 4 to go, got a couple of kids at home that need food on the table.”

Stuart looks out the window, drifting off from the story, then catches the scent of the fish, and with a jolt says “Hey, do you want to have a break and I’ll buy you a coffee?”

Stuart comes back from the counter and says “Bit of luck went our way, the person before paid $5 extra so we could have our coffee for free.”

Stuart and the taxi driver share a 10.30pm coffee as the cars fly by and the people rush past, the lights of the buildings flicker, and the stars try to stake their claim for relevance.

After listening to Stuart’s story of his in IMAGI-NATION, the taxi driver breathes a big sigh, smiles, and stands up.

“Stuart, we are imagination, our species is filled with it, we are built for unlikely connections, for shapeshifting and adapting, I’ve had 17 doorways through countries, time, space, I’ve wandered through and I’m only 39. The challenge is we spend so much of our life after our early years closing doors, closing our possibilities, deleting our future stories, by searching for a linear pathway. Adding layers like a..

They both say: Onion..

They share a smile

The taxi driver: Look up at those stars fighting through amongst the goop of human distraction we’ve created. No one organisation is going to carry to the load of re-awakening human complexity and worth, no government alone can do it, but you can and I can, and it turns out governments are filled with people, like us, so governments can too, life is lived by humans, values are shaped by our behaviour, and all you need every now and again is a fish to the head to wake you up to it.

Thanks for the coffee.”

The taxi driver takes a last gulp, and jumps into the car, 

Stuart sees she’s left her long leather coat on the chair, he grabs it and rushes to the taxi but he’s too late, he looks at the coat, smiles, then puts it on and walks home.