To move beyond complaining about the systems, into solutions, we must model different ways that our systems can work, that our nations can work.

We believe that human beings are fundamentally decent, that the inequities we face, the problems we have created, are down to the systems we have inherited or designed.

We believe there can be a fairer world, where less young people are outside the margins and there is more equity across the human race.

We believe imagination is human beings’ superpower, our ability to invent new realities, and with some of the seemingly intractable problems ahead of us, we see imagination as the key.

To create IMAGI-NATION we need unlikely connections with knowledge and each other.

We have a university that is free, and open to 5 year olds through to 105 year olds, focused on activating citizens to work on projects to create a fairer world.

We have a moneyless shop that takes our Hoodie and activates acts of kindness in exchange, accelerating the velocity of kindness across the globe.

Our knowledge is housed in a library through books and video mentoring lessons for teachers, parents, students and mentors to access around the world for free.

Our media is active where we work on generating ideas and then action that creates positive change through complex, slow, open mediums where we give space for the depth of exploration of thinking. Our work is focused on activating unlikely connections between people and with different ways of thinking, to constantly be fuelling imagination. In our nation you’ll find an activated cinema, tv show, gallery and radio network.

One of the goals of the nation by removing established nation borders is to create a new global network of unlikely connections which speeds up the development of highways of exchange between those inside and those outside the margins. We have designed our social network on the theory that five unlikely connections can form a nucleus around an individual that can build the beginning of those new highways.

We believe part of the inequity is down to how we network, and we want to share more equitably the connections between human beings.

To sign up to the nation, you are matched with 4 people from different walks of life, and that’s your connections with each other.

From there you can head to the Connection Bridge, and you can apply for mentoring, or sign up as a mentor, and also offer jobs and opportunities or pitch for jobs and opportunities.

Our university is another arena to build connections, where the tutorial groups are built around Unlikely connections x 5.

Finally, our Imagination Lab is our imagination accelerator, where we’ve fused in unlikely connections from across the earth, and we work on practically solving the challenges of humanity by taking on problems that haven’t been solved and creating solutions.

Our stock exchange is focused on the connections, our unlikely connection counter.

Welcome to the nation for all of us, IMAGI-NATION.