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General AIME FAQs

Do you have a really simple and pretty one page information doc that answers all the questions like what your goals and mission is, what your results are to date, and any other key general information? And is there any way that I can download it and send it around?

Well yes we do — you're in luck — click here to download the AIME 2014 Snapshot.

What does the acronym 'AIME' stand for?

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.

What are AIME's programs?

Please click through to our 'About the AIME Program' section.

What is AIME's charitable status?

AIME is a registered non-for-profit charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

What are the age groups of the students in the mentoring program? What school years participate?

We work with Indigenous high school students, generally between the age of 12 and 18 years.

Is the program specifically for Indigenous children?


Can you tell me about some of your individual success stories?

Sure can, head to the News section of the AIME website, and join the Friends list and Facebook to stay up to date with our latest stories of success.

Do you have any data that charts the benefits of the program?

Yes we do, check out our Annual Reports page.

Volunteering With AIME FAQs

Can I become a volunteer Mentor if AIME is not at my university or I am not a university student? Can I volunteer to help AIME in any other way?

There are a few other ways to connect with AIME as a volunteer. For example, AIME currently offers a professional mentoring program for all of our staff where people volunteer who have done well in their life to connect with our staff and pass on their learning. We also generally need extra hands for our events and fundraising gigs, and have over the last couple of years had volunteer staff in AIME HQ and free interns. AIME is fortunate to have fantastic community support and in most cases we will not have the capacity to handle all registrations of interest — but we will be able to let you know if opportunities arrive. Please head to the the Jobs site to express volunteer interest.

Again we encourage you to stay connected as an AIME Friend, then you can see what opportunities may be on the horizon. Also joining us on Facebook and connecting in the conversation is another great first step. We post every day and always try to offer content that stimulates, engages and encourages our fans to think big about themselves, their direction and how we can shape our future together.

How do I become a university student volunteer?

Please go to the 'Become an AIME Mentor' section of our site, select your university, then fill out the form. You will then be contacted by the relevant Program Manager and advised of the next step in the Mentor recruitment process.

Partnering with AIME FAQs

How can I get AIME to my university or school?

To establish the AIME Program in any area, we partner with a university and with the high schools from the local community around the university campus. If your school is not one of our current partners please register your interest in getting the AIME Program by heading to the 'Get AIME to my School' page. You can also encourage other people in your area to register their interest too.

If you are looking to Get AIME to your Uni, please sign on to the AIME Friends List and join the AIME Facebook page to start a conversation about how we may be able to get out to where you're at.

How can my organisation get involved with AIME?

There are a number of ways that your organisation can get involved with AIME, such as becoming an event partner, a corporate partner or donating your skills and services. Please head to the 'Become an AIME Partner' section and tell us how you would like to get involved.

How can I get my child or school into the AIME Program?

If the Program is not established at your child's or local school, please check our website to see if we have a Program running at a university campus near you. Join our Facebook page and friends list and you can connect with others doing work in your community. You can also raise awareness of the Program at your child's school and in the community, and encourage people to add their name to the list by also completing a 'Get AIME to My School' form.

From 2012 we will be offering Outreach Programs that will extend AIME's reach to communities within up to two hours of our existing university sites. You can put in an expression of interest for your school or community by flicking an email to our enquiries line.

Finally we are working with Google and a number of other groups to try and develop an online classroom resource that would see any Indigenous high school kid with access to the internet across Australia have the chance to engage with AIME material in the not-too-distant future.

What are the costs for the mentoring program?

The breakdown of this can be found in the 'Become an AIME Partner' section and both our Corporate and Uni information packs cover this piece in-depth.

Where is AIME headed with its expansion?

Join AIME Friends to find out or follow us on Facebook to stay as up to date as possible.

Would it be possible for us to include something about AIME on our website and link to your website as well?

Please send us through some info on the enquiries line about your organisation and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Working At AIME FAQs

How can I register my interest to work with AIME?

Please head to AIME's Jobs page, check out our current jobs or express interest to work at AIME. Another great way to stay connected is to join our AIME Friends group (they are the first to hear about any jobs that come up at AIME). To do this, click on the 'Become an AIME Friend' button on the homepage.

What's working at AIME like?

In 2010 we filmed some testimonials from our staff, which you can see right here, but to get a feel of where we are at today our advice would be check out AIME TV and AIME's Facebook — we keep it pretty real and honest and hopefully you get a feel of what it's like being in the room at AIME.

Is AIME seriously like heaps of fun?


Donating To AIME FAQs

How can I make a donation to AIME?

To make a credit card donation please head to our Donation page. If you would like to send a cheque, please make it out to 'AIME Indigenous Corporation' and post to: PO Box 3093, Redfern NSW 2016. If you would like to donate goods or services, please email us.

What happens to my donation?

Donations support AIME to engage more Indigenous high school students across the country. More specifically, donations assist with the provision of materials such as textbooks, Hoodies and transport, and support staff on the ground in delivering the Program.

At AIME we track the progress of students through the Program and publish these results in our Annual Report, which is available on our website. From year to year donors are able to see the impact of their donations.

Our current results indicate that 23% of AIME Mentees progress directly through high school and into university compared to 3.2% of Indigenous students nationally.

If I have computers, equipment or other things I would like to donate to AIME would that be useful?

We can only really look at things on a case by case basis at this stage so flick through an email to our enquiries line and we'll let you know if we can use your donation at AIME and if we can't, we can try to connect you with someone who might be able to use it.

How much of my online donation goes to AIME?

If you make a donation via our website 20 cents is taken from each donation for administration of the transaction. The remaining donation amount comes directly to AIME.

Speaking Engagements & Media FAQs

How can I invite a member of the AIME Team to speak or do a presentation at my event?

Please send us an email and include all the relevant details of your event, including the date and time, duration of presentation, theme or topic and if you have a particular AIME person in mind. Please also include if there is a speaking fee available. Please keep in mind that we are a small team and at times we may not be able to accept all invitations.

I'm a journalist interested in doing a piece on AIME, who do I contact?

Please email

We would like to do a profile of one of your staff for one of our publications — who can I speak with about this?

Please send some info about your publication and let us know who you would like to profile and we will get back in touch. If you represent a media organisation please contact our communications team on for all other groups please email

I am seeking permission to publish some images of AIME in an article and a book chapter. If this is possible, are you able to send me a couple of print-quality images to use?

AIME is happy to consider these requests on a case by case basis, please email with more details and we'll get back to you.

Research & Other Services FAQs

Where can I get details about AIME Program outcomes?

Please see our latest Annual Report. It provides you with different kinds of information about AIME including Program outcomes for each AIME site.

Can I conduct research or do my assignment on AIME?

At this stage the best support we can offer for school and University assignment is what you can find here on the website, and through Google on AIME. However we will be looking to update the site to include a basic research resource for school and University students.

If you are a researcher and would like to look at a partnership with AIME then please head to the 'Become an AIME Partner' page and click on the research section.

I am presently mentoring an Indigenous Year 10 student who lives in a country town. Our mentoring arrangement finishes soon and I would like to find another mentor for her if possible. I notice from your website that you do not have a Program in her town, can you please give me some idea about who I might talk to so I can get another mentor?

We are currently developing an AIME Experience Program, which can be delivered anywhere in Australia regardless of proximity to a university campus. This will be rolled out in the not too distant future and if there are other students in the area who are keen to participate in the AIME Program, we would be very happy to get back in touch with the criteria and other details for the Experience Program when they are finalised.

In the mean time if your student is in urgent need of a mentor, you might like to have a look on the Australian Youth Mentoring Network website to see if there are any mentoring programs running in your area — the site lists programs from across Australia. They also have an online community, which you can join to discuss any mentoring needs.

I am undertaking a feasibility study and seeking information about programs that are highly beneficial to Indigenous youth. I was hoping to speak to someone about aspects of the program beyond what is available on the website (i.e. performance measures, certain costs etc.). Is this possible?

The best, most detailed information we have about the AIME operational breakdown can be found in our Annual Report, and potentially in the Corporate and University information packs. Beyond this, feel free to put in a proposal to become a research partner through our 'Become an AIME Partner' page.

I currently work with a student who dreams of going to uni but has some doubts about numeracy and spelling and is worried about the entrance exam. I notice that AIME does not have a program running at the local university and wondered if you could suggest some ways of getting support for this student.

If you are based at a school head to the 'Get AIME to My School' section and register your interest. Also please join our friends list and join us on Facebook to start a conversation about how we may be able to get out to where you're at.

You might also like to get in touch with the Indigenous Centre at the university to see if they have any literacy and numeracy preparation courses. These centres may also be able to provide information on any entry programs they have at the uni, or put you in touch with other programs in your area.

Indigenous Related FAQs

How can I learn more about Indigenous Australia?

Head to the AIME Interactive Library page to continue your journey and connection to the oldest continuous surviving culture in the world.

I was a Mentor back in 2009 and I was hoping you could help me out with something. Basically I need to prove I'm Indigenous and I don't know where to start.

The Indigenous Centre at your university may be able to assist you with documentation even if you have finished your studies. Your Local Aboriginal Land Council will be able to give you guidance on proof of identity and might also be able to assist with a formal letter; particularly if they know you or your family.

How many Indigenous Directors are on the AIME Board?

AIME is an Indigenous Corporation and bound by the regulations of the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations. Our Corporation Rule Book states that the majority of our Directors on the Board must be Indigenous. Currently we have 8 Directors, 5 of which are Indigenous Australians.

We're looking at providing a university scholarship to an Indigenous Australian who will be undertaking a particular degree. Would AIME be willing to promote this information amongst its Indigenous high school students for us?

Please email through the details to and we will do what we can to get the info out and about at the schools.

Other great groups to connect with are The Aurora Project, AIEF and Yalari.

I've been looking at options for bringing someone in to run some Cross Cultural Awareness sessions here in our office is AIME able to provide this service?

To kick off your journey head to the AIME Interactive Library and you can direct your staff there as well. Clark Webb at RealBe is a former AIME staff member and offers services in this area. Reconciliation Australia are also a great source for this information.

I would be grateful if you could help me get in touch with some Aboriginal families in the Sydney, or other AIME regions for a research study.

Unfortunately we are unable to share any contact details with you because of privacy laws.

Could we suggest that you put notices up in the Aboriginal Medical Service and the Local Aboriginal Land Council in various communities in Sydney. That way people who are interested in participating in the project will be able to contact you directly

AIME Strut the Streets 2012

What is Strut the Streets?

One of AIME's annual fundraising events, which started in 2010, and where people come together in December to walk the streets of the Sydney CBD in swimwear supplied by Budgy Smuggler, AIME's event partner. Participants will be helping more Indigenous kids finish school at the same rate as every Australian child.

Who can be part of Strut the Streets?

Anyone who purchases a ticket to the event can be part of STS on 7 December 2012. You can also become a Promoter for the event and express your interest in early bird tickets or becoming a registered STS Promoter by heading to the front page of the AME website and completing the form.

Are there any benefits to becoming a Promoter for Strut the Streets?

Yep! For every group of 10 people you recruit who purchase a ticket and who each raise $50+ for AIME, you will receive $500 cold hard cash. There is no limit to the number of groups of 10 you recruit – the more ticket buying fundraisers you recruit, the more cash in your pocket.

How much is a ticket to Strut the Streets?

There are different ticket types: Budgy Smugglers ($50 – Men), Sunshine Strutters ($50 – Women), Caftan Queens ($100 – Women), Boardie Boys ($100 – Men) – depending on how much skin you want exposed to the sun on the day. The price of each ticket includes either a pair of Budgy Smugglers or Smugglettes.

How can I get a ticket to Strut the Streets?

You can visit the front page of the AME website now to reserve your early bird ticket.

When is Strut the Streets?

STS kicks off in Martin Place Sydney at midday on 7 December 2012.

How do I get my swimwear?

Swimwear is available to collect on the day from 7am in Martin Place, right up until the start of the event at 12 noon. The earlier you get there the shorter the queues will be for collection.

Is there anything else happening on the day?

There are a couple of things happening – first up we have a target of 1086 participants to beat the Guinness World Record for the world's largest swimwear parade. There is also an after party at the Ivy pool bar immediately following the Strut, which will feature leading Australian performers.

Why swimwear?

We have glorious weather in Sydney and what better way to kick off Summer than to walk the streets in your Smugglers and Smugglettes to raise funds for AIME to help Indigenous kids to finish school. It's the perfect foil to AIME National Hoodie Day which we run in winter each year, when we ask supporters to purchase an AIME Hoodie to wear on AIME National Hoodie Day... Yin and yang fundraising events!