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for humanity, driven by creating a meeting place for 5 of the key groups on earth that shape the way the world moves to; 1) our organisations; 2) our higher educational institutes; 3) our schools; 4) our citizens; and 5) up until this point, our systemically marginalised youth whose systems design intelligence is what we are missing as a species.

IMAGI-NATION will only have 1.4 Million citizens, including the following 5 groups:

  • 1 Million Presidents of IMAGI-NATION will rise from the world’s marginalised youth. The IMAGI-NATION Presidents will all be working on projects to return humanity to our custodial relations with NATURE.
  • 1000 Higher Educational Institutes will work towards becoming Mentoring Universities, to be networked beyond the University gates, to the most marginalised school students, and to focus on knowledge shared not knowledge kept as a philosophy.
  • 1000 Organisations will work towards becoming JOY Corps by shaping themselves inside and out from the boardroom to the front door, to being more in relation to nature, to kindness, to Joy.
  • 1000 Schools will unleash their potential by re-invigorating imagination throughout the school’s DNA and becoming Imagination classrooms, activating and unleashing the intelligence of our young people into the system right now.
  • 1000 citizens will be shaped as systems change organisers with the capacity to see the full map at large, and work with the enormity of this blue moving dot we call home, amongst the universe.