A reflection from Jack Manning Bancroft on the inaugural bid in AIME’s IMAGI-NATION Art Fund.

Working with galleries and artists embodies a journey into the realm of sense-making that transcends the confines of language. They navigate the intangible, intuitively carving a path toward creations not yet brought into being.

Today heralds a celebratory announcement: Simon and the Art Atrium team, who generously hosted us on a significant Monday, have not only ignited our ‘Opening of Imagination‘ but have also launched a formidable tour to promote ‘Hoodie Economics.’ Moreover, they’ve courageously spearheaded our art fund with an inaugural bid of $30,000.

In the wake of pervasive global discord, on that particular Monday in Sydney, we congregated post-referendum—a period which, for many, marked an epoch of pain and a seeming regression of progress spanning decades. The shadow of strife extends far beyond, touching lives ravaged by the enduring conflicts in Israel and Palestine, amongst others. History’s canvas is repeatedly stained by the tumult of war, yet it also relentlessly impels us towards the oasis of peace. In our search for joy, deep empathy, and understanding, we find the imperative to make room for collaboration, to be solution-focused, to unravel the Gordian knot of our shared challenges.

Amidst the grand playground of humanity, where we ceaselessly search for the best in us, it’s a bolt of hope that strikes at the very heart when someone like Simon rolls up their sleeves and commits to making a tangible difference. The beauty of the art fund lies in its design: it’s a no-loss proposition. Art collectors acquire pieces by esteemed artists—this isn’t merely a purchase; it’s an investment with dual dividends. Proceeds then flow into the streams of imagination, nourishing the seeds of innovation that will grow to define our planetary stewardship in the coming decade.

For those intrigued by the scope of our endeavours, I invite you to visit the home page.

Immerse yourself in our 25-minute tour video and witness the network’s potential. And for the artists, whose generous spirit often navigates the dichotomies of corporate engagement and commercial enterprise, this imagination art fund offers a conduit for their generosity. It is an investment in a future that not only must be brighter but also more attuned to our role as custodians of the Earth, with nature at the helm and imagination as our compass.

In these turbulent times, we collectively stride towards that horizon. Adopting an artist’s mindset, placing creators at the vanguard of funding imagination for this crucial decade, is a joy and a privilege. We eagerly anticipate more artists joining this movement. To the art enthusiasts ready to inject vibrancy into this venture: your bids on these magnificent pieces by extraordinary individuals are an investment not only in art but in the fabric of our future.

My own contributions, modest next to the grandeur of my mother’s work, are part of this ‘hoodie economics’—a unique piece of history that I hope will become a treasure for those who have supported us from the onset. This artwork is symbolic, a token of change, a testament to being part of a movement from its nascent stages. It will be a legacy to pass down through generations—a narrative of how you helped reshape the workings of the world.

So, with heartfelt gratitude, we extend our thanks: to Simon, for leading the charge, and to my mother, for being the inaugural patron of the fund. Thank you for always recognising potential, for championing grand visions, and for instilling in us, from childhood, the belief that any dream can be rendered tangible. You have taught us that the only barriers to achievement lie within the confines of our minds.

In these trying times, let us unite and bring this grand vision to fruition. With love and hope, let us craft a reality worthy of our collective imagination.

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