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Content Starts Case Study: AIME Becomes the First JOY Corps Enacting the 7 Levers

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AIME has pioneered youth mentoring and is recognized for its innovative approach to mentoring. Now, a systems change lab AIME operates in 52 countries.


In 2020, AIME faced the challenge of aligning its global organizational values with the emerging challenges due to the global pandemic. As AIME adapted, the origins of the JOY Corps model powered by AIME began to emerge. The JOY Corps model prioritizes seven systemic levers of impact, and AIME needed to evaluate its organizational practices to align with these levers.


AIME embarked on developing a comprehensive assessment of its organizational practices to evaluate its alignment with the JOY Corps model to center indigenous systems thinking. The assessment involved a review of its mentorship program, approach to diversity and inclusion, workplace culture, environmental impact, employee engagement, conflict resolution, and long-term sustainability.


AIME’s team revealed that the organization had been enacting the seven systemic levers of the impact that form the basis of the JOY Corps model. AIME had been prioritizing mentorship as a means of mapping a network for all with knowledge shared, actively seeking out diverse perspectives and experiences, promoting kindness and compassion in the workplace, prioritizing environmental sustainability, prioritizing employee engagement and satisfaction, promoting peaceful communication and conflict resolution, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

AIME’s leadership team is presenting the assessment results to its Board of Directors, and the board acknowledged that AIME had become the first JOY Corps powered by AIME. The board recognized AIME’s commitment to the seven levers of impact and commended the organization for its alignment with the JOY Corps model.


Becoming the first JOY Corps powered by AIME will significantly impact the organization. The assessment enables AIME to align its organizational practices with its values and mission, promoting a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. It has also enabled AIME to leverage the JOY Corps model to inspire other organizations to prioritize these impact levers and contribute to a more positive and impactful future.


AIME’s journey to becoming the first JOY Corps powered by AIME demonstrates the power of aligning organizational practices with values and mission. By prioritizing the seven systemic levers of impact, AIME has become a model for other organizations to follow, promoting a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

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