10 Questions to Prompt Creating an Imagination Classroom Outdoors

We invite you to participate in an imagination classroom development exercise as part of the global 10K classroom project powered by AIME. We believe that imagination classrooms can take on many forms, and we want to hear from people in every country on what they envision as an imagination classroom. We encourage you to think outside the box and consider the themes of nature, unlikely connections, kindness, joy, and having fun in this process. To help prompt your brainstorming, we have come up with a few questions to guide you and your friends in the exploration of this project.

  1. What different learning areas would you like to incorporate into your imagination classroom outdoors?
  2. How will you assess the outdoor space available for your imagination classroom?
  3. What materials and supplies will you need for each learning area?
  4. How will you ensure that there is enough seating available for the students?
  5. What natural materials will you incorporate into your imagination classroom design?
  6. How will you light your imagination classroom outdoors?
  7. What shelter will you add to your imagination classroom design?
  8. How will you incorporate the natural environment into your imagination classroom design?
  9. What safety precautions will you take when designing your imagination classroom outdoors?
  10. How will you encourage creativity and imagination in your students through your imagination classroom design?

Please share your ideas with us in a creative format!