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Content Starts What is an Imagination classroom by Sarineh

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An imagination classroom is a space of stillness. A space where there are options to play, write and explore, but also to do nothing.

When we remove the pressure to “do something”, to create or imagine, we can allow ideas to flow naturally. Imaginative moments can come up when doing something labelled mundane and boring, like a chore. Washing the dishes, the soap studs and the water moving with the sponge, getting onto our sleeves, allowing us to be quiet with our thoughts.

Imagination classrooms allow quiet, allow stillness, and remove the pressure of competition or forced creation. Is it even possible to stay still in your space and with your own thoughts within a classroom? Is there a movement that can be done in a collective to create that space for thought and safety?

Safe space
With tools
No pressure
No expectation
No assignments
True flow

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