What is an imagination classroom by Penny 

An imagination classroom is an exercise in limited & limitless, what do I mean by this?

It is limited by the room, time, resources and space. However every good design has limits. 

It is limitless, because it provides space for imagining what’s possible when you zoom out before you begin to close the frame. It allows the ideas to breathe, to dance, to play, and to build before it is cropped into a frame.

The beauty of limited & limitless working together is that we can both build grand ideas and expand the horizons while understanding the barriers that we can create when we build before we learn about the environment we’re building on.

The imagination classroom reminds us we are a collective. Sure, one person alone could build an imagination classroom, but the chances of that classroom being inclusive for all is pretty slim. When you start to ask people from different backgrounds, genders, ages etc. to collaborate – you’ll open up the lens and approach the build from a holistic perspective.