What is an Imagination Classroom by Kylie

Taking from my past of religious bindings – when asked or taught to worship, there is a church in which you can go to pray/speak with your deity. On the flip side, it’s also taught that your deity is everywhere. You can pray/worship/talk to “god” everywhere and anywhere. Your body is the temple.

In the same vein – to me, an imagination classroom is everywhere. Our minds and bodies are the classroom and we are only bound by the limitations we place on ourselves (and I suppose resources/finances). An imagination classroom is one where we are taught to tap into our imagination, our creativity, our love, kindness, passion and hope. We are taught that there are no limitations. Our minds are the universe. The more we seek, the more we will find. Zoom into that innocuous, unassuming nano-scale section of the universe of your mind and you will find more stars and galaxies than you can count.

Regarding the concept of creating an imagination classroom as a physical space, it would be one which inspires. We don’t all share the same imagination. Some are more creative, some are more logical but both are valid. There would be tools for creation, music and instruments and also places to read, become absorbed in research, meditate and even sleep. There would also be something we can take with us – to remind us that the imagination classroom is wherever we are. It doesn’t have to be physical. Just something impactful.