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Content Starts What is an Imagination Classroom By Brenden

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An imagination classroom is every classroom in the world. An imagination classroom is wherever students, teachers and mentors gather to observe and explore. It is wherever life is, wherever atoms are.


In us is imagination. Around us and in us is nature. When we offer to build an imagination classroom with say 10 students experiencing marginalisation, 1 teacher, and say, 1 teacher’s aide, we are simply offering an experience. Offer. Not mandatory. Students have a choice. “Do you want to build an imagination classroom with us in the next 40 minutes?” 

Wait for the answer, and if the answer is ‘Yes’.

Then we wait for students to gather. 


‘How do we build an imagination classroom’

Then we flow.

Blog the experience, maybe some anecdotes. And we leave.



“Oh look! Here we are!
In an imagination classroom!
Theres things
With atoms in them
I have a mouth
Theres alight stand
And a bed.
Full of atoms vibrating together.
Here we are together.
Oh here’s some students!
Would you like to come in and build a classroom with me?
Lets start’
How do we build and imagination classroom?
You dont know?
Neither do i.
Look at my body!
Its made up of all these levers and systems and vessels

Going through me to carry oxygen, to carry nutrients!
Oh look! It’s the world.
This is where we sit! Here!
And it spins
1000 times a second!
And theres other planets
Its a mushroom
And its growing, in a pot.
Made of ceramic, with atoms, colliding, interacting, dancing atoms.
All around – everywhere.
Earth, mushrooms beds, bunk, photographs, eyes, vessels.
What is this!
Lets build an imagination classroom? Or did we just build it together?
Where is it? Can it be everywhere?
Can you touch it?
Can we make another exactly the same?
When did we make it?
Did it happen when we met?
Is it happening now? Will it continue to happen?
An imagination classroom, where is it?
Can it be everywhere?
Earth! Mushroom! Vessels!”

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